The 2020 MLB World Series Champion Is Legitimate


There is a stigma around this year’s title due to the 16 team playoff and 60-game sprint. Fans are tryng to devalue the MLB 2020 World Series Champion when we’re only three games into it. Each team seems to have an “unfair chance” due to a best-of-three wild card round. To me those excuses are trivial. Yes, while it’s unfortunate that the #1 seed can easily be knocked out by the 8th seed, why should baseball be “fortunate” in the playoffs? These teams need to have their players ready for do-or-die matchups in the playoffs and get the job done. This year’s title is different than others, but no less valid.

Every MLB Team Will Have the Same Challenge

There is no discrepancy in how the regular season will work. 60 games played, eight teams in each league. The first-round is a best-of-three; second is a best-of-five and the third and final rounds are a best-of-seven. No team has any different set of rules, so why are we putting an asterisk next to it?

Hypothetically, if the Padres sneaked in as the 8th seed and beat the #1 seed, then go on and win the pennant, where’s the problem? Sure they could’ve been 30-30, but when they got to the playoffs what did they do? They won. Cry all you want, what matters in the end is winning in October, right? The 2006 Cardinals would echo that sentiment, and I think it’s asinine to believe that it’s “not legitimate” because they shouldn’t be there. If they shouldn’t be there, then you shouldn’t lose to them. Plain and simple.

The 2020 World Series Has No Changes

There is absolutely no way you can argue that the 2020 World Series is “fundamentally” different. Best of seven, three on the road, four at home. That’s how it’s always been, so why is it suddenly so scary? It’s because fans of teams like the Yankees, Dodgers, or Astros face a chance of not even making it past the first round. With that possibility, people want excuses already so they can avoid talking about potential ineptitude.

So let’s cut the nonsense and call it a clean title, so that we can just enjoy baseball. This is a unique experience for MLB fans and if we spend the season devaluing this year’s title, you only sour it for everyone.

We already have worries of a cancelled season, so if we get baseball, please stop trying to devalue it. Let’s play baseball and let the MLB crown a 2020 World Series Champion.

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