The MLB COVID-19 Crisis Can Be Curbed

Cardinals 2019 opening day
Apr 11, 2016; St. Louis, MO, USA; A general view of the Opening Day logo on the field before a game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers at Busch Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

MLB had a COVID-19 scare after the Miami Marlins had a breakout of the virus. This situation led to the MLB suspending the Marlins’ season and the Phillies won’t be able to play for a bit. The New York Yankees also lost two games due to this situation. It feels terrible if you’re an MLB fan, because everyone is saying that the season is over. While I hold that fear as well, I believe that the MLB 100% can contain COVID-19.

Finding Alternate Sites

The situation in Miami is not good at all, and it means the MLB should find an alternate site. There is no way around it, you’re having teams travel from places like Buffalo all the way to places like Miami, and potentially causing an outbreak in NY where it’s been doing well for weeks. Opening sites in the Carolinas where you have minor league stadiums could do wonders for teams. If you move the Florida teams to another site, that’s going to reduce travel and chance of infection.

Being Less Afraid to Stop Play

When there’s rain we stop games, so why is it that when a ton of players had a contagious infection we did not? It was more than foolish and there’s no excuse for it. Set a maximum amount of players who can have COVID-19 before you shut a game down and you can reduce infections. Sure it’s harsh, but if we want a season we need to be strict and have no tolerance for a potential season ending outbreak.

I propose a five player maximum that would postpone a game automatically. If you have five total active cases on your active roster, then any games you play are postponed and MLB can decide what further action to take to curb that teams outbreak.

Don’t Let the MLB Become the Face of Mishandling COVID-19

MLB cannot allow themselves to make their reputation become “the league that couldn’t contain COVID-19”. If MLB fails with COVID-19 it will be a black spot in their repuation and legacy. Endangering your players and exposing them to a virus that could kill them without being careful is inexcusable.

The ball is in the court of MLB, and if they screw up with COVID-19, they’re done. There is hope, as MLB has their mistakes to learn from.

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