Top Five College Quarterbacks In The 2021 Draft Class


As I start my scouting reports for the 2021 draft class, I had to begin with the quarterback position. They are always the most talked about, and normally the first players off the board. So without further ado, here are my top five college quarterbacks in the 2021 draft class.

1. Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson

Height:6-6. Weight: 250


  • Arm strength, Lawrence has a cannon and will fit right into the NFL with it.
  • Mobility, Lawrence can run when he needs too but often dose not use it as a weapon itself. His running ability could be used more this upcoming season, if there is one.
  • Touch pass, Lawrence is a master of the touch pass and putting enough on his ball to go over the linebackers but go in front of the safety.


  • Decision making, often times he trust his talent too much can forces the ball into bad situations. I believe this will improve with time.
  • Takes too many hits when he does run. He likes to make the big play and will stand up straight to try and gain every yard he can. This has gotten many quarterbacks in trouble over the years.
  • Like his decision making fault he can lead a receiver too much and he uses his cannon on deep balls more than he needs to at times and misses out on some plays.

2. Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State

Height:6-3. Weight 228.


  • Throwing on the run. Fields has one of the best throws on the run i’ve seen at the college level.
  • Evasive when he decides to run. unlike many quarterbacks who will gain 5 and slide, Fields can juke defenders to gain additional yards kinda of like Lamar Jackson.
  • Aggressive, Fields will see a small gap in coverage and take the chance to make the big play. He is fearless when it comes to a tight window throw.


  • Has a tendency to stare down his target and not trick the defense into shifting their attention else where.
  • Pre-snap reads could improve as Fields does not always point out the coverage or defensive alignment.
  • No pump fakes, off-looks, or other things many quarterbacks do to drawn the defense away from his weapons.

3. Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State

Height: 6-3. Weight 221.


  • Arm strength, Lance dose not have a cannon by any means but he does not lack arm strength like some others on this list.
  • Running ability is one of his best attributes. Lance is coming off of a 1,000 yard rushing season.
  • Accuracy is not a problem for Lance, he has a 67% completion percentage.


  • Competition, it can no go unsaid that he is not facing the best of the best and he is a big fish in a small pond.
  • Lance takes too many hits. He needs to slide more or use his arm more than his legs.
  • Experience, With only one year as a starter tape is limited but he shows what people are looking for in their future quarterback.

4. Jamie Newman, QB, Georgia

Height: 6-4. Weight: 230.


  • A physical runner for a quarterback reminds me of Cam Newton with his style of running.
  • Can make the short throw on time but does struggle with the long ball.
  • Duke game from 2019 shows his leadership and ability to play from behind.


  • Accuracy, Newman needs to work on getting his ball where it needs to be to make the play more often. This gets worse the deeper the pass he is attempting.
  • Footwork may be what he needs to work on the most as he often does not have his feet set to make the throw after scrambling out of the pocket.
  • When most of his main options are covered and no one is open he has a habit of forcing the throw to his best player. Works sometimes if you have a Calvin Johnson type guy, but otherwise it’s usually not a smart decision.

5. Sam Ehlinger, QB, Texas

Height: 6-3. Weight: 225.


  • Leadership, Ehlinger is a born leader and no situation is too big for him. He remains calm under pressure.
  • Ehlinger’s anticipation may be the best in college football. He throws his targets open and leads them before they even make their break.
  • He is able to make something out of nothing on broken plays. If the play breaks down he can move within the pocket and keeps his eyes downfield.


  • Arm strength is a pretty big issue for Ehlinger, in my opinion, is his biggest drawback.
  • He is the typical college quarterback who may struggle to transfer his game into the NFL.
  • He sometimes takes too long to determine where to throw the ball too, which can get him into trouble on timing routes at times.

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