Two Cleveland Browns Players Decide to Opt-Out

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The Cleveland Browns have two players that have decided to opt-out of playing the 2020 season. Guard Drew Forbes and tackle Drake Dorbeck have called it a season because of COVID19. While the loss of Dorbeck, an undrafted rookie, is minimal, Forbes dropping out certainly takes him off any players to watch list. Competing with guard Wyatt Teller, Forbes had a real chance at making a push to start at right guard. It’s unknown if Forbes and Dorbeck opted out for an approved medical reason or other coronavirus concerns.

What does this mean at Right Guard?

Forbes dropping out of the race certainly strengthens Wyatt Teller’s hold on the starting job. It also enhances the chance that Nick Harris or Evan Brown have at making a run at the position.

Harris played right guard his first two years at Washington, so he has experience playing the position at a high level. There are still concerns with his size as you don’t see too many 6-1 guards in the NFL, no matter how talented the player. Anything can happen but it would be a surprise to see the rookie starting game one at the position.

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Evan Brown is another smaller lineman at 6-2 306 pounds. Brown may have more of a chance to push Teller simply because of the lack of depth now at the position and the Browns wanting Harris focused more on playing center.

The best scenario for the Cleveland Browns at this point is that Teller shows some more growth from last season and just takes the job. Having Harris or Brown starting could cause some issues even in a scheme that focuses more on athleticism than size.

Free Agency or Trade?

The Browns could also look to free agency with names like Larry Warford, Ronald Leary, and now Alex Boone, all looking for work. All have their limitations based on age, fit, and injury history, so the Browns could wait to see who else hits the market after teams make cuts. They could also look to make a trade like John Dorsey did last year with Teller. Dorbeck and Forbes are likely not the last players to opt-out after the changes made to the CBA. Buckle up for a different kind of training camp and season Cleveland.

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