Gobert’s Clutch Free Throws Give The Jazz The Win

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What an opening game! The Utah Jazz outscore the Pelicans by 10 in the fourth to pick up a huge win 106-104 to start the bubble basketball. The Jazz were led by Jordan Clarkson who had 23 points off the bench. Mitchell and Conley had 20 each and Gobert had 14 and 12 rebounds but most importantly the last 2 points in the game. Ingram missed a three at the buzzer which rimmed out to give Utah the big win

Utah trailed for most of the game because the Pelicans had a great showing from Ingram who had 23. They also had great showings from J.J with 21 and Jrue with 20. Zion had 13 in just 15 minutes because he had just returned from a family emergency. Mitchell had a great final 5 minutes scoring the last 8 points other than Gobert’s free throws with 6.8 seconds left. It was a very sloppy game as the two teams combined for 40 turnovers and the Pelicans were held to 17 points in the 4th. The Jazz didn’t seem to miss Bojan too much as Ingles and O’neale both played really well.

What Does the Win Mean For The Jazz?

This was a big win for the Jazz who now have a two game lead over the 4th seed over the Thunder who they will meet on Saturday at 2:30. The Jazz are now one game back from Denver who currently holds the 3 seed and would be a huge get because they would be able to avoid the Lakers in the second round.

Great Tribute Before The Game

Another great thing that happened tonight was the tribute to racial injustice before the game where both teams met at half court arm in arm and kneel for the national anthem. Its the little things like this that will help remind people that racism is still a problem here in America and we need to find a way to stop it. We also saw the first night the players were allowed to have sayings on the back of the jerseys, which was a nice touch.

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