All Time Starting Miami Heat Role Players

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In this article, I’m going to do a Miami Heat role players starting five! I’ll start by telling you what the criteria is. If you would have been counted as a star on that team, I will not count you as a role player. For example, Duncan Robinson is not a role player because, in my opinion, he is the 3rd or 4th best player on the Miami Heat roster this season.

Point Guard

At the point guard position, I am going to go with Jason Williams AKA White Chocolate. He played in a Heat jersey from 2005-2008. While he was there, he put up a solid 10.6 points and 4.9 assists. But, the most impressive season he had for South Beach was on that super fun 2006 Championship roster. He put up a very good season with 12.3 PPG, and 5 assists a game. Shooting 45% from the floor. He was a great veteran addition to that roster and ended up winning a championship along the way!

Shooting Guard:

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Shooting guard was a tough choice because of all the great guards that the Heat have had. but I ended up going with Ray Allen. I know you may be thinking that Ray Allen wasn’t a role player, but I have to say that he was. Remember, he came off the bench, and was on the last leg of his career. However, that is not me saying he wasn’t important to the team. Ray Allen on the Heat was a Sniper! He put up 10.3 PPG in his 2 seasons in Miami (2012-2014), while shooting 40% from behind the arc. We all know about “The Shot” vs the Spurs that helped the heat capture there Championship that season.

Small Forward:

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Starting at Small Forward is maybe someone that is oversized for the position in today’s NBA. However, he played the SF for most of his career. Also, he played some power forward as well. The starting Small Forward is Shane Battier. Now if you look at Battier’s stats, they are not super impressive. He put up 5.7 PPG 2.3 REB and 1 AST on 40% from the floor from 2011-2014. It was his defense and pure basketball IQ that LeBron, Wade, and Bosh trusted out in the court. He didn’t make mistakes, and could guard the top players on rosters. Also, he matched up well in pick and roll defense. He won 2 championships with Miami, and that’s why he’s starting on this lineup!

Power Forward

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Starting at PF is a Heat lifer that has been on a Heat Roster for 16 Seasons. I’m talking about the great Udonis Haslem. UD40 has been a player that has embodied “The Culture”. People today have only seen the mentor UD, but if you watched Heat basketball in the 2000’s, you’ve seen a rugged Heat player that rebounded very well. Also, he played great low post defense. In his prime season UD put up a solid 12PPG and 9RBS in 2007-2008. He has taken pay cuts, and been through it all. I hope his jersey will hang from the rafters one day!


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Starting at Center is a player that was around for the very bad times. Brian Grant. They only had a winning record for 1 season that he played there, going 42-40 in 2003-2004. You can say that he was putting up empty stats, but I don’t think so. As a Heat player. he put up 11PPG and 8.5RBS shooting 48% from the field. He was also a great defender, and had quick hands. One of the underrated Heat players from the past.

This list is very suggestive. For example Norris Cole, Mario Chalmers, Chris Anderson, Mike Miller and maybe even Gary Payton. They all were great role players for Miami, and deserve a mention. But I didn’t think they were better. If you would like to debate call me out on Twitter! I can take it! @daniel_briand


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