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Breaking: Tommy Kahnle to Have Tommy John Surgery

Wouldn’t it be a New York Yankees season without someone getting injured? According to ESPN New York reporter Marly Rivera, Yankees reliever Tommy Kahnle now needs Tommy John surgery. Kahnle did not play in last night’s Yankee game against the Baltimore Orioles. When asked why Boone did not put Kahnle in, Boone said they’d have something to say the next day. Kahnle did announce he had a UCL injury with forearm tightness.

Who Would Replace Tommy Kahnle?

It would be a significant loss to the Yankees relief core, as Kahnle is one of the Yankees’ best relievers. The Yankees have had already endured a pitcher having Tommy John surgery this season with Luis Severino being out, and now they end up losing Tommy Kahnle.

There are options to replace Kahnle. The Yankees could possibly bring up Deivi Garcia or Clarke Schmidt to replace him. It would give both pitchers a chance to see how they play in thhe Majors for the first time. With Aroldis Chapman returning, they could use those guys when the Yankees are in deep trouble in games. But there is one problem.

What Happens if MLB Shuts Down This Season?

It got revealed today that the MLB would shut down this season if there are more COVID cases, to a point where they need to shut down. For the Yankees, it could be a win and a loss at the same time. Earlier this season, the Yankees didn’t play for months, and most of their players got healthy. Ending the season could mean that Kahnle can have his surgery. Kahnle would be back by at least the end of 2021. But at the same time, the Yankees season would end after just two weeks of returning. MLB is way too unpredictable this season. But a Yankee getting injured, that may always stay the same.

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