MLB Suspended Joe Kelly: He Deserved it

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Major League Baseball has issued suspensions in the wake of Wednesday night’s bench-clearing action between the Dodgers and Astros. As a result, MLB suspended Joe Kelly for eight games and manager Dave Roberts received a single-game ban.

Additionally, Kelly will appeal his suspension, so it’s not going into effect right away. Roberts went ahead and sat out last evening’s game. His counterpart, Astros skipper Dusty Baker, will be fined for what went down between the two clubs.

In Kelly’s case, the league made several factual determinations that drove the decision. Kelly was deemed to have thrown “in the area of the head” and also to have “taunted” in a manner that spurred the clearing of the benches. The statement also noted that he had previously been suspended for such an incident.

MLB Suspended Joe Kelly: Try Beating the Astros Instead of Beaning Them

Joe Kelly deserved to get suspended. While the Astros were wrong to cheat, throwing at their heads is not the answer for retaliation. Kelly’s actions were childish. If you want to prove to the Astros that their actions were wrong, then do it by beating them on the field. Hopefully, the pitchers won’t continue to throw at the Astros the rest of this season.

Some, unbelievably, think MLB’s punishment was too harsh, and that Kelly will become some sort of martyr.

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