MLB 2020: It May Be Time to Throw in The Towel


At this point, I’m not sure what to make of the 2020 MLB season. I’m a diehard fan, but maybe it’s time to throw in the towel, as games are being postponed one after the next. Players continue to test positive, clubhouses are infected, and none of the safety protocols seem to be working.

That’s 30 games by my count… in a week.

A Look Back to March

MLB was on in the spring, then COVID-19 shut it down. March 12th, to be exact. They expected it to be maybe a month or so, then that became four months. First is was going to be 80-100 games, then the fighting began between the MLBPA and MLB. They then settled for 60 games. It was going to be select stadiums, but then everyone was playing at home, well, all except Toronto who had to move south of the border to play in Buffalo.

Fast forward to early July. By this time, we’ve had random players test positive; Freddie Freeman from the Braves got a positive test, Gregory Polanco from the Pirates was infected, and Juan Soto from the Nationals was sidelined.

There were no fans in the seats. Stadiums were using gimmick cardboard cutouts. Crowd noise was being piped in. This was all part of the effort to make MLB seem somewhat ‘normal‘ again; but it hasn’t.

Moving to mid-July, outbreaks in team camps became the new trend. First it was the Marlins, who at last count had about 18 infected members.

They managed to expose the Phillies, who are also now reporting multiple cases. The Brewers home Opener is in jeopardy, as now the Cardinals are reporting positive tests. When will this end?

Yasiel Puig held out during free agnecy for a better deal. The Braves picked him up a couple of weeks back, pending a physical as always. Guess what? Puig tested positive, nullifying his deal with Atlanta.

The Lunacy Never Ends

The virus continues to rage, despite mandated social distancing efforts for the players, as well as for most of the country. Despite a book of over 100 pages of safety protocols for MLB, you still see maskless players. Guys are high-fiving, spitting (can’t blame them, as a mouthful of dirt after a slide is never pleasureable), and swatting each other on the rear end. They wipe their faces. They come out of their dugout for altercations. It’s all too much.

Look, I wanted baseball this year as much as anybody, but at this point, players are being called up, not because they’re ready, but rather because teams have become desperate for players.

As it stands now, it would appear as though fans are split 50-50, as to whether or not MLB should continue this season. I want it to continue, but question how at this point, that it could possibly do so.

On kind of a strange note, while players are opting out and games are being postponed, the Braves actually got a player back, namely Nick Markakis. After opting-out (following a conversation with Freddie Freeman who’d been infected). Markakis has now opted back in.

I’m not sure anymore where any of this starts, continues or ends. It seems as though there’s some sort of carrot on a stick, and we keep sidestepping landmines to get the treat which never comes. Like I said, I love baseball and want it back, but it may just be time for MLB to throw in the towel for 2020.

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