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Jazz Struggled Against Thunder Losing 110-94

It’s almost been 5 months since this game was supposed to be played. The Jazz and Thunder may go down as the most important NBA game ever just because of what happened that night on March 13th. It was the night that the entire sports world stopped. But 4 and a half months later we finally get to see it and there was a lot on the line. The Jazz winning Thursday meant they had full control of the 4th seed and were only one game behind Denver for the 3 seed. That will have to wait because the Thunder completely dominated the Jazz never trailing the entire game. The Jazz struggled to get the ball in the basket tonight.

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Recap: Jazz Struggled To Get Anything Going

The Thunder never trailed and ended up winning 110-94. The Thunder were led by Shai with 19. Cp had 18 with 7 rebounds and 7 assists. Steven Adams also contributed with 16 and 11 boards. The Thunder looked like a force in this game raining threes early to build a big league. Their defense was very good and stalled out the Utah offense very well.

Utah were led by Mitchell who only had 13 points. Gobert, O’Neale, Conley and Clarkson also scored in double digits. This game did not look good for the Jazz who just could never get the offense going shooting 39% on the night. The Thunder were able to do just about anything on offense they wanted if it was shoot threes or drive right past them. Utah will need to bounce back against the Lakers on Monday if they want to contend for that 3 seed.

Players Make A Statement Again

Both teams kneeled arm in arm again before the game to show support for Racial Injustice in the world. This was a big statement today because before the game a Oklahoma Senator treated the Thunder that if they kneel he would pull the tax benefits they get from the state. Every player did kneel and support the movement which is a big step in reminding the world that it is still a problem.

What’s Next For The Jazz

The Jazz will play the Lakers on Monday night in the third game in the bubble for both teams. The Lakers picked up a big win against the Clippers on Thursday night. The Jazz had a chance to be tied for the three seed with Denver but that will have to wait as they remain the four seed with a half game lead on Oklahoma City and Houston.

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