MLB Should Punish Players Who Break COVID-19 Rules

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It is no surprise that the MLB is in a really bad situation with COVID-19. There are so many positive tests and postponed games, causing this to have become a complete mess. I cannot stress enough how much player safety matters and that it’s more important than baseball. With that said, if MLB tries to march on with this season, it’s time they crack down on stupidity. MLB has to punish players, as they are treating COVID-19 like a joke.

I’ve had enough of players breaking protocol and putting other teams and their families at risk.

MLB Needs To Levy Suspensions on Players

When Joe Kelly got suspended for eight games, it occurred less than 24 hours after the event. The Miami Marlins derailing the season with their breaking of protocols received…nothing. They had went to bars before the season started and that’s unacceptable. No players got any suspensions, nor did the manager, after knowingly playing the Phillies. Recently, members of the Cardinals were allegedly visiting casinos in Illinois, while posing for pictures from fans.

Miguel Rojas of the Miami Marlins approved a decision to play and Don Mattingly went along with his shortstop’s decision. They put everyone on the Philadelphia Phillies – and their families – at a huge risk. This was a disgusting act that demands a suspension.

Creating a COVID-19 Suspension Rule

If I were the commissioner of the sport, here’s how I’d suspend players.

For violation of smaller protocols like spitting, that’s a 2-game suspension and a $100,000 fine. While this can come off as harsh, you need to give players no room to infect someone else.

Now to get to the big suspensions like going to a bar.

For managers who allow this activity, you get a 30-game suspension. And the players who are found to have gone to these bars or gentlemen’s clubs? 30-game suspensions as well, I do not care if that’s harsh. I really have no sympathy for players who put other families and players at risk of COVID-19.

MLB needs to be strict and have a ZERO tolerance policy for stupidity and immaturity during a global pandemic. MLB players should be able to control themselves and not be irresponsible with COVID-19, as most people have been stuck at home for months it would probably really enjoy being able to venture safely out of their homes one day.

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