Rob Manfred’s Guide To Destroying Baseball As We Know It

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MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred has shown his inability to run the league since he took the job in 2015. Manfred is singlehandedly ruining the sport we all love. Why? I’ll tell you why; he’s protecting cheaters who destroyed the integrity of the game. Furthermore, he has gone back on his word about the Covid-19 situation, plaguing teams (no pun intended) like the Miami Marlins.

Trash Cans In The Dugout

As most of you know, the Houston Astros have been grilled for cheating during the 2017 and 2018 seasons. The same year they won the World Series. The scandal broke in November of 2019, and people haven’t forgotten.

This is one of the worst things to happen to baseball since the 1919 Black Sox. However, instead of punishing the players were took part in the cheating, Manfred gave them immunity. Basically telling teams, “If you cheat, I have your back.” 

The only punishment Houston got was a fine and a few future draft picks taken away. That’ll show them, Rob! When Dodgers reliever, Joe Kelly threw at Carlos Correa’s head on Wednesday night, Manfred went after Kelly. MLB gave Kelly an eight-game ban, on a pitch that didn’t even hit Correa.

Is it wrong to throw at someone, yeah, sure, but Kelly had a point. You cheat, you’re getting hit. Manfred created this monster, and now he has to live with it. Instead of banning and suspending the players involved with the scandal; he goes after the players who were angry at his lack of leadership.

Cover Your Cough

Covid-19 has been ripping through the league for the last week. First the Marlins contracted the virus, and I mean several of them. Then, the Phillies, oh and can’t forget about the Cardinals.

Not too long ago, Manfred told reporters he’d shut the league down if need be. Great, right? Wrong, because not even two days later he went back on his word and said “he’s not a quitter.” Man, a lot of people wish you would quit. 

I love baseball, you love baseball, but if it is unsafe to continue playing then end it. It’s 60-games, it’s not worth it. However, a lot of the positive cases are not Manfred’s fault. The teams with the most infections haven’t been listening to protocols, apparently. And if that is the case, MLB should throw the book at them.

Their selfishness has put several teams in a bad spot, postponing their games and wasting their time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Manfred does nothing. If the season ends, those teams are to shoulder most of the blame, but if Manfred does nothing about, then he’s just as bad as they are. 

His biggest problem is that he never sets an example. If he punished the Astros like he should have, no one would be throwing at them. He needs to be a leader, and in the five years he’s been commissioner, he’s showed nothing. And fans and players are tired of it. 

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