Brazilian soccer back in action with old problems

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The sport should not have returned in Brazil, but it is here

The pandemic has shown how Brazilian soccer is selfish and unfair. Why am I saying this? Because the scenario in Brazil opened discussions about the “new normal” as if it were really applicable there. I can explain that the country has several cases and deaths from Covid-19, but people are feeling comfortable with that. Some lives have to go on…

The Campeonato Paulista returned last month, even though the Corinthians team had 21 out of 27 of the players test positive for the virus. This particular team is swearing to God that they followed the protocols and are now refusing to do the tests again (one month later). More than this example, this team accused Palmeiras of not following the protocols and acting as if they didn’t need to play in the first game of the final. Let’s get things straight: the other part of the story is also totally wrong.


Before the pandemic and quarantine, Corinthians were in trouble and in danger of being relegated from the championship to “league 2”, “Serie B”. After that, some results from other teams plus a victory over Bragantino, on July 26, left the team awake. Now, after two games in the quarterfinals and in the semifinals of Paulista, it seems like the club does not want to play against rivals Palmeiras.

The story behind the Palmeiras campaign is that the team led “Group B” with 19 points alongside Santo André. This scenario, of course, was different from the pressured Corinthians.

After that, Corinthians reached the number of points needed to pass in the competition.


The soccer in Brazil is a place where corruption and bad people do their bad things. The president of Corinthians, by the way, knows this. In fact, he said his team “has been following all quarantine protocols since the return”, which happened on July 22, and will not be tested. But, is there something wrong behind your speech? We will never know.

On the other hand, Palmeiras violated the rules, letting players leave after the games. But it wasn’t punished or anything. The Paulista Federation said nothing about this, but the teams agreed to do the tests before the game scheduled for August 8th.

This story highlights the corruption behind Brazilian football, which has its favorites. In this situation, ignorance and disrespect came as a bomb to take the focus off the finals. In a country like Brazil, football could never come back. People are dying every day, people are being infected. But high-level sports can’t stay at home, can they?


Ignoring all this, Palmeiras and Corinthians will face to face August 5th at Arena Palmeiras, 21:30 (Brasilia – GMT). Felipe Melo from Palmeiras will miss the game with an injury, but Jô will return after two years out from Corinthians.

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