My Letter to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred

With nothing better to do this afternoon, I found myself writing a letter to MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred. Will I actually mail (or email) it? Probably. Manfred has done nothing but harm the sport of baseball. Next, Manfred is strictly an owners’ commissioner and that never bodes well for the game.

Dear, Mr. Manfred,

I’m certain that by now, you’ve received a ton of feedback from baseball fans about the job you’re doing as MLB Commissioner. Like many others, I too am displeased.

First, Mr. Manfred, your agenda to make baseball a faster-paced game is ruining the sport. While it may be true that today’s younger generation has a much shorter attention span, those of us who have enjoyed the game for nearly a half-century prefer baseball as it was, not as you envision it to become.

Moving on, Mr. Manfred, you’ve handled the 2020 season and the COVID-19 outbreak in an absolutely deplorable manner. While suspending Joe Kelly for eight games for throwing at the Astros batters, you’ve turned nearly a blind eye to the players from the Marlins and Cardinals who’ve not only violated safety protocols with their irresponsibility, but jeopardized their teammates, other players, and the sport in general.

Next, Speaking of the Astros, not that I condone players attempting to hurt other players with 95 mile an hour fastballs, but by giving immunity to cheaters, you’ve invited retaliation. You chose the easy path in the cheating scandal. Rather than doing some investigative work, you sold out the integrity of the game in exchange for immunity and confessions.

Doesn’t neutrality matter?

Shouldn’t the commissioner of a professional sport be a liaison of sorts? Someone who is there to negotiate between the players and owners for what’s in the best interest of the game? I certainly think so, but that’s not how you handle things. Your job is the result of being voted in by the owners. Finally, owners will never vote you out, as you always stand by their side. In the meantime, the sport is becoming a skeleton of what it once was.

I wanted so badly to see your term as commissioner end, but instead, you were given an extension. Maybe it’s time that the players have a say in who gets voted in as commissioner.

Ken Allison, Baseball Dept Head
Ken Allison is the senior of two MLB Department Heads, as well as a writer and editor for Overtime Heroics. A life-long MLB fan, he's also written for CubsHQ and had the opportunity to try out for the Chicago Cubs in 1986.

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