Tale Of Two Cities: Double Header for the Phils


Well, it was certainly a tale of two cities doubleheader for the Phillies yesterday. The day started with a great game one of the doubleheaders. The Phillies got six strong innings from Zach Wheeler. On top of that, their offense broke out in game one to score 11 runs. Of course, that was helped by the fact that J.A. Happ had six walks for the Yankees. Still, though they strung together timely hits. Something that all fans know has been an issue this short season thus far. For game one they had 11 hits to match their run total for that game. Key players Harper and Realmuto each had 2RBI in the game.

Moving on to the second game, that was a completely different story. Game two of the doubleheader started well for the Phillies as Nola was dealing through six. He had 12 Ks and only gave up three hits. His only mistake was a pitch left up to slugger Luke Voit, where he homered to left field. A timely hit from Andrew Knapp evened it up early on.

So, it seems all is going well right? Wrong. The bullpen strikes again. Tommy Hunter‘s line for the game was two runs in the top of the seventh on four hits. Definitely an off night for him. The Phillies really needed a shutdown frame after Nola dealt. However, they could not get it and it took Adam Morgan having to come in to save the day. If Morgan did not get out of a bases-loaded jam unscathed as he did, then who knows what the score would have been.

Wrapping up, yesterday was clearly a tale of two cities doubleheader for the Phillies. They looked good offensively, plus, Wheeler gave them six strong innings. Though still, the pen faltered. The Phils were just able to hang on. Then in game two, it was back to the same old offensive inconsistency plus very spotty bullpen pitching.

With that being said, if the Phillies want to go anywhere this year they need to fix their bullpen. They also, of course, need to hit the ball at a consistent clip. If the Phillies keep struggling in these facets this will not be the only tale of two cites doubleheader they have. Since the Phillies missed games they now have a few doubleheaders on their schedule. If they want the nightcap to be better than their first game, then they better shape up their bullpen and start consistently swinging the stick. You can’t win if you can’t pitch beyond a few arms.

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