WLC: Hideout Battle

The Return of the WLC

On the 28th of August, we will finally see the return of the world’s biggest bare knuckle fighting promotion, the World Lethwei Championship, when they present WLC: Hideout Battle. How can this be topped, I hear you ask? Well, how about a historic main event! For the first time in WLC history, we will see the crowning of the inaugural female Lethwei World Champion.

France’s Souris Manfredi, a fan-favorite and Lethwei superstar currently boasting a 2-0 Lethwei record, will take on former WBO Muay Thai title challenger from Spain, Maisha Katz, in her Lethwei debut. This bout will be for the Women’s Bantamweight World Lethwei Championship.

The co-main event will see Myanmar fan-favorite So Mi Ong Luktupfah return to action against Artur Te of Uzbekistan in a bantamweight contest.

Souris Manfredi

Image from Souris Manfredi Instagram. WLC: Hideout Battle
Image from Souris Manfredi Instagram

No stranger to setting records in the WLC, Souris became the first female fighter to record a knockout in the promotion. She has produced impressive performances in her victories over Eh Yanut and Tran Thi Lua. Now residing in Thailand, Souris has her sights set on becoming the first female WLC champion and adding to her already impressive resume.

Maisha Katz

Image from Maisha Katz Instagram. WLC: Hideout Battle
Image from Maisha Katz Instagram

Relatively new to most Lethwei fans, Maisha is fast becoming a star in the world of combat sports. She has an impressive 17 victories in 20 Muay Thai outings, taking on top opponents such as Sopit and Garcia. Making her Lethwei debut, Maisha has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in front of her. We are all eagerly waiting to see if she can seize this opportunity!

So Mi Ong Luktupfah

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As mentioned before, So Mi Ong is a local favorite to the people of Myanmar. He is a superstar at bantamweight, using his renowned explosive and clinical striking to take an advantage over his opponents. All of Myanmar will be eagerly waiting to see him make a successful return after winning by knocking out over his last opponent, Sok Rith, in his World Lethwei Championship debut.

Artur Te

Artur Te. WLC: Hideout Battle

Artur Te is formerly a Max FC kickboxing world champion in South Korea. The Uzbekistan native of Korean descent has created a reputation for his tenacious mentality when he enters the ring. This will undoubtedly make him a star in the eyes of Lethwei fans. Te is honing his skills at the famous Tiger Muay Thai, so the WLC is adding another warrior to their famous ranks.

Where to Watch:

WLC: Hideout Battle will air on August 28th at 6:30 pm Myanmar time. For those needing a time zone conversion, this will be at 5:00 am Pacific Time, 8:00 am Eastern Time, and 1:00 pm London Time, just to name a few. This event will be available to watch on UFC Fight Pass, Canal+, and other broadcast partners across 100 countries.

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