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Kings Look Flat In Loss To Nets

The Kings look flat – lose to the Brooklyn Nets 119-106.

Kings Look Flat In Loss To Nets

This was the second game of a back to back – after a big WIN against the New Orleans Pelicans the previous day. (Link To My Recap Article Here)

Three point shooting seemed to be the key difference in this game.

Sacramento shot 12-40 for 30% from deep. In contrast, the Nets couldn’t miss, especially when it counted most late in the game – 17-40 for 43%.

Sacramento was not moving the ball well – and it shows in the assist numbers.

The Kings only dished out 19 assists compared to the Nets 30!

SacTown Crown Keys To The Game

Check out the game stats below to see how the Kings stacked up against my other keys to the game!


Kings Essentially Eliminated From Playoff Hunt

It’s not over yet but it’s not looking great for the Sacramento Kings playoff hopes.

With this loss the Kings were officially eliminated from finishing the regular season with the 8th seed.

The Kings sliver of hope lies in the hands of 9th seed Portland.

The Blazers can officially eliminate the Kings from 9th place contention with a win against the Clippers on Saturday.


Bogi & Fox Continue To Play Well

Bogdan Bogdanovich had another great offensive performance.

Bogi scored 27 points, on 11-19 FG, 4-8 3pt FG. In addition, Bogi grabbed 6 rebounds and dished out two assists.

Kings point guard De’Aaron Fox, albeit looking a little tired from the previous day’s win versus the New Orleans Pelicans, dazzled the virtual fans once again.

Fox scored 21 points and dished out 7 assists.


Inconsistency Is The Only Consistent

The Kings as a team, and individual players, have a problem with CONSISTENCY!

One game we play great team and individual defense, the next game it looks like we don’t enjoy basketball.

One game our scorers can’t find the bucket – often also committing turnovers and hurting the team in others ways – and the next they are lights out shooting, ball handling and decision making.

Is it the players/humans we have on our team? Is it the coaching? It has to be SOMETHING!

Whatever it is… We need to show more CONSISTENCY!

Coach Walton Post Game Quotes

Anyone watching the post game press conference could see the foul look on Kings head coach Luke Walton’s face through his heather gray mask.

Walton was not pleased with the Kings performance.

Below are a few of Coach Walton’s post game press conference statements –

“We need to become more physically and mentally tough.”

“Couldn’t get any stops. Continue to make the same mistakes that don’t allow us to win when we aren’t shooting the ball well.”

Walton gave his thoughts for the Kings final two games of the ‘bubble’, “Continue learning, but we gotta be better.”

Kings television host Jim Kozimor ended the post-game broadcast by saying simply,

“Kings lose. Talk to ya Sunday.”


I originally predicted this to be a WIN for the Kings. That was incorrect, unfortunately!

Check out the links BELOW to ALL 4 parts of my PREDICTIONS and breakdown of the Kings 8 games regular season restart!



The Kings play a back to back against the Houston Rockets on Sunday 8/9.

I predict a LOSS! 

My Predictions – PART 4

This will be a chance for the Kings to gain experience, if nothing else!


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