Nationals Blown Out By the Orioles: Game Recap


Well, this wasn’t fun for the Nationals and their pitching. After going 3-1 in their last 4 games, they didn’t just lose against the Orioles, they lost in embarrassing fashion. Anibal Sanchez got jumped early with 10 hits and three walks given up over 5.1 innings. He gave up five runs as well, which was good for an 8.44 ERA and a 2.44 WHIP. He got beat bad, and the bats fell silent as they lost 11-0 against their Beltway Series rivals.

Pitching Can’t Get it Done Against the Orioles

The Nationals not only couldn’t pitch, but they couldn’t stop the Os from accumulating baserunners. They gave up 19 hits and four walks for a total of 23 baserunners in 9 innings. Anibal Sanchez isn’t even the only pitcher who struggled, as their bullpen wasn’t great either. Ryne Harper and Wander Suero both gave up three runs each, which led to the game becoming a blowout. Not only couldn’t the pitching get it done, but they were unable to limit the damage.

The worst part is, even if they did, the Nationals would’ve still lost this game as their bats fell silent. The well-known awful pitching staff on the Orioles made the Nationals look foolish.

Nationals Unable To Get The Bats Rolling Against the Orioles

The Washington Nationals have had some offensive issues, but the idea was to have Juan Soto spark their offense. Last night that didn’t happen at all, as they scratched four hits and one walk, with half of their hits coming from Starlin Castro. They got shut down by Tommy Milone out of all people, who has a 4.15 SIERA and 4.66 xFIP since 2018. The Nationals need to start hitting because even if they pitch really well, they can’t expect to win by shutting out every team.

Notes to Take From the Game

The Nationals should genuinely consider replacing Anibal Sanchez with the younger Austin Voth in the rotation. Sanchez had a 5.03 SIERA in 2019 so regression in 2020 to his SIERA was imminent. Washington has no room to keep experimenting as they’re 4-6 an have 50 games to catch up in the NL playoff race. All they need to do is get into October and then their 4th and 5th starters are no longer are a concern. They also need their bats to wake up, as they need to get ready for a sprint to the postseason. If Juan Soto and Howie Kendrick can get going, that’ll get the rest of the lineup going. This is a very solid lineup, and they can get hot and win games big.

This was a rough loss for the Nationals, but they gain nothing from lingering on this loss against the Orioles.

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