Pirates, Cardinals Game One Postponed Due To Covid-19


The Pirates series against the St. Louis Cardinals has been postponed. The Sports And Aviation page on Twitter posted a photo showing the Bucs’ flight to St. Louis tomorrow has been cancelled.

Although Monday’s game has been postponed, the next two games on Tuesday and Wednesday could still happen.

The Cardinals are one of many teams in MLB with positive Covid-19 testes. They are also missing their 11th game due to the virus. The Pirates play one more game against the Detroit Tigers tomorrow afternoon before flying to St. Louis.

Trevor Williams was supposed to be the game one starter, however that is not happening. Williams pitched an excellent game on Wednesday night against the Minnesota Twins. The Bucs’ starter pitched 7.0 innings and struck out five in the loss to the Twins.

How The Bucs Can Get Better

Now that the Pirates have some time to reflect on their first 15 games, maybe they can comeback stronger. A break from the action could be much needed for the young club that only holds three wins. It would also be a good time for the front office to see how they could improve the team through trades.

The Bucs haven’t played great and it shows in their record of 3-12. But, one thing they have been doing well in is keeping some games close, for better or worse. The Pirates now have one day off after tomorrow and should use it wisely.

Manager Derek Shelton should absolutely get a better feel for his lineups, as they haven’t been producing. He should also look at his bullpen, because they have been anything but good.

The Bucs have a lot to work on in just one day off, but if they’re able to do so effectively, they could win some games. With almost a month left in the season, time is definitely not an ally of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  

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