Fans at MLB Games Will Shut Down the Season

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The MLB season has had outbreaks, postponed games, and a lot of questionable decision making by players. It’s been a very difficult year for the sport and has cracked the integrity and reputation of people like Rob Manfred. Players are constantly testing positive for COVID-19 and there have been players opting out mid-season. It’s been a rough season and a very dangerous one with all the traveling. That said, if MLB brings in fans, that could easily shut down a season. Bringing in people who could potentially have a virus and having them in stands would bring an unnecessary risk to players and staff.

Cincinnati Reds’ Plan To Open Up Is Too Optimistic

So far, MLB has had the Cubs-Cardinals and Pirates-Cardinals series canceled, and instead of new COVID-19 regulations, we’re talking about bringing in fans? They already need to make so many games, and they now want to throw in added risk?

The Cincinnati Reds want to open up with a small percentage of fans in September, which I understand can be great for sports, but could cause another spike in Cincy. They’ve had their cases trending down, so why would you risk a spike? If you hold out until we’re at the lowest we can go with COVID-19, we can end up with a more stable future. We don’t want to have to shut down all over again, and MLB needs to be as careful and strict as possible.

Endangering MLB Players

MLB is in no position to give players more of a reason to not feel safe. You can’t throw fans in the stands and expect players not to be paranoid when the league is simply looking to make revenue over keeping players safe. This is unacceptable and more players will opt-out. We’ve already seen teams lose key players, and the more they lose, the worse the quality of play gets. The product on the field gets actively worse, and the worst part of this all is that this won’t get better in the US for a while.

We can’t keep trying to lessen COVID-19 restrictions to have fun, because we’ll be right back where we started if we do. It’s unreasonable and more importantly, unwise to not treat COVID-19 like a formidable foe. It’s here, it’s real, and we should be extremely careful.


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