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Tyron Woodley vs Colby Covington Confirmed

Reignited the Rivalry

Per Tyron Woodley on Instagram and more or less every reputable source in the MMA community, we may finally be getting to see Woodley vs Covington on the 26th of September. Hopefully.

Both men, ex American Top Team stars, are former training partners. Per ‘Funky’ Ben Askren, Woodley would come out on top in these sparring sessions, years ago. However, with both men now at new training camps, and both men in different stages of their careers, this fight has never been as close to happening.

Back when Tyron Woodley was champion is when Colby really started his verbal onslaught. Whilst running a storyline for a local Wrestling organisation, Covington was accompanied by a mock-up of Tyron Woodley, named Tyqil Woodley. After calling him out at an event, the ‘pretend’ version of Woodley that Colby had somehow conducted would, of course, come out and lose in seconds.

Woodley wasn’t shy to trashing Colby either. With constant airtime on TMZ and Fox/ESPN, Woodley used almost every opportunity imaginable to have digs at Colby. A fight with true dislike and hype behind it, it should be a cracker.

Where does it take the winner?

With a huge rivalry, there’s already an incentive to win the fight. Knowing the title implications gives it even more intrigue.

For Woodley, a win would put him back within touching distance of a title shot. With his last fight ending as a loss to Gilbert Burns, it may take “the chosen one” another win after this to get to the title.

For Colby, a win would leave him in a situation where he could most likely wait for the winner of Usman vs Burns.

Either way, the MMA community have their fingers crossed that we finally get to see Woodley vs Covington.

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