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Zach Plesac Violates League’s COVID-19 Rules

I hope it was one hell of a Saturday night for Zach Plesac in Chicago. It will now cost him, and potentially some of his teammates, part of this MLB season. 

Here We Go Again

After both the Cardinals and Marlins violated the league’s health and safety protocols regarding COVID-19, fans hoped their time away from the season would serve a lesson. Most teams, players, and coaches around the league didn’t really need the reminder. Unfortunately, it appears some guys still need to learn.

This is a very bad look for Plesac. The 25-year old has been off to a great start this season with the Indians. Through three games, Plesac is sporting a 1.29 ERA with 24 strikeouts in 21 innings on the bump. Zach pitched earlier in the day on Saturday, going six innings and striking out seven without allowing a run. 

In a season where Cleveland has really struggled to generate runs, losing one of their starters, all of whom have been terrific, is a big blow. Fans are not happy with Plesac, with some even wanting him to be suspended the rest of this season.

Who Else?

One fear that should immediately come to the minds of Indians fans is that other teammates may have been out with Plesac. After a huge win in Chicago that featured a dominant pitching performance from Zach and an offensive explosion, it might be hard to believe he was out on the town by his lonesome. As of now, no one else is involved. We’ll see if that holds true in the coming days. 

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