Ramon Laureano Suspended for Six Games


Oakland Athletics CF Ramon Laureano was suspended for six games for his part in the altercation against the Astros. Of course, that altercation was between Laureano and the Astros hitting coach Alex Cintron after egging the A’s star on. Cintron has 20 games for his efforts compared to Laureano’s six.

I personally believe Clinton deserved the harsher suspension. This is because as a coach you’re supposed to set an example for your players and the other team. Cintron did not do so by encouraging Laureano to a fight. So, 20 games is a good number for him.

Looking Forward

Losing Laureano for six games is huge in the shortened season, especially because, other than Robbie Grossman, the A’s outfield is not hitting this season. The only other steadily solid hitter to start the season is Laureano. Chapman, along with Laureano and Grossman have been catalysts for the A’s winning ways so far. Now the A’s will likely need to insert struggling Khris Davis into the lineup again and hope he can get it going.

In conclusion, the swinging A’s are really going to miss Laureano’s services for six games. He is a top-notch defender with a cannon of an arm. On top of that, the kid just keeps getting better at hitting. He admits he made a mistake and now just needs to learn and grow from it.

“I regret charging him because he’s a loser,” Laureano told ESPN on Monday. “[A suspension] is understandable, but I hope it’s not that many games.” Well for him it isn’t many games compared to Clinton, and he just needs to bounce back from this and keep improving for the top-notch Athletics.

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