The dream is not yet complete: a Liverpool FC recap

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Since I am a fan, I have not seen anything

The season ended weeks ago, but I’m now starting to realize how big the Premier League title is. There are so many feelings and memories about Liverpool, but I have to say anything in the first place.

I’m a Liverpool fan since 2010-11. No, I didn’t see the 2005′ Champions League final. My history began later. Back on this date, I was watching the Manchester United game because my brother was and then they lost by 3×1 to a club called Liverpool. Wait! It seems good, of course, rivalry, it’s part of sports, you know.

Since this, March 2011, I started to cheer for Liverpool. Meanwhile, I did like to watch Tottenham, and it took a few months for me to pick one. Anyway, the Reds won. I saw Liverpool win the Carling Cup in 2012, then I saw multiple falls in other competitions like FA Cup and Champions, and losing the Premier League in the last games. It hurts. And I saw my idols leave, like Fernando Torres, like Luis Suarez, before a Carling Cup.

But, I also saw a magnificent night because of Jurgen Klopp. In the beginning I hated Klopp, I have to admit, but he has grown on me. In 2016, more specifically April 14th, a match against Borussia Dortmund in the Europa League was telling me to love him.


Liverpool has drawn the first match in Dortmund, so we were still alive. But two goals in the first nine minutes changed everything. The timer marked 48′ and Divock Origi score to draw the battle. Anfield has exploded with the recuperation, because we were losing. At 57′, however, a Marco Reus goal was a cold shower. Then Philippe Coutinho scored. Then Mamadou Sakho scored. Then Dejan Lovren scored. Liverpool 4, Borussia Dortmund 3. We went to final.

Later in 2017, my favorite league player was signed: Alexander Oxlade-Chamberlain. And later still the dream season has started. 2019 could be awesome, but we didn’t win the Premier League. Also, we won the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. Again, we were at a disadvantage in the semifinal against Barcelona, ​​as they had won 3-0 in the first match. But, Divock Origi opened the scoring at Anfield in the 7′. Giorgino Wijnaldum then scored twice in a row at 54 and 56 minutes.

“Corner taken quickly” was the name for the play that give us the pass to our next chapter: the final. Trent Alexander-Arnold took the corner quickly and Origi positioned himself perfectly to score Liverpool’s fourth goal. In the final against Tottenham, Mohamed Salah scored in the second minute, in a controversial penalty kick. The match was difficult and tense, but Origi gave final numbers at 87′.

In August 14th, Liverpool played against Chelsea in the Super Cup and drew 2-2. A 5-4 win on penalties gave Liverpool another title. The same would happen on December 21st at the Club World Cup against Flamengo: 1-0 and another title.


Finally, we started to dream. Win after win, Liverpool achieved more with its perfect, incisive and scoring football. The club was at the top of the table and the fans didn’t want to be deceived, because we already lost other championships at the end and in January. January is generally the worst month for Liverpool, but it was not this time. Unfortunately or fortunately, we were eliminated from the Champions League 2020, FA Cup and Carabao Cup. Total focus.

The pandemic almost ruined everything, but when the league came back, a few more wins needed and that’s it: the first Premier League title in Liverpool’s history. In total, there are 19.


I’ve seen terrible things since I started rooting for Liverpool. But, with patience I saw magnificent things. I just didn’t see an FA Cup, but I would love to. This is not the team’s focus, I know, but who knows? It would be incredible. The feeling built up over the years makes me hope for good things with patience, but it has already given me a lot of headaches. It doesn’t even matter now, actually. Cheering for Liverpool has this, and I love it.

Let’s keep this work.

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