Cleveland Browns Denzel Ward: “I feel like we can be special.”

Cleveland Browns star cornerback Denzel Ward spoke with the media via zoom Tuesday and had some interesting stuff to say. He was asked about learning another defense, what he thinks of rookie Grant Delpit, and how good he feels the secondary can be in 2020. He also talked about last season and how he can be even better.

Ward on new DC Joe Woods

Ward brought up the fact that Woods and his staff have had him working to change his technique in press coverage. He stated it has been tough but a “fun process” so far, learning the new method. Ward noted that the defense is similar to what the 49ers do using cover three and cover four. This is Woods’s second stint as a defensive coordinator, and coming from San Fransisco a season ago, it makes sense that would influence what the Browns are trying to do. Ward did add a “mixture of things” as part of his description so maybe some new wrinkles from Woods.

On rookie Grant Delpit and the secondary

Cleveland Browns Denzel Ward
Cleveland Browns Denzel WardLSU safety Grant Delpit(No.7) breaks up a pass intended for Clemson wideout Tee Higgins during the first half of the College Football Championship in New Orleans. (AP Photo/ David J. Phillip)

Ward talked about how tough Delpit as he played through his ankle injury last season. He also mentioned how fun Delpit is to be around and how fluid he is on the field. On the follow-up question regarding the entire secondary Ward talked about how special they can be.

 “I feel like we can be special like I said, we just got to play within the defense. Play within ourselves, make plays, and do what we are supposed to do, and everything will take care of itself.”

– Denzel Ward via

On building chemistry and camaraderie during COVID

Ward went straight to talking about how great a job coach Stefanski has done to bring the players together. Stefanski has created an environment where the players take the stage and address the team. They talk about themselves and learn stuff about teammates they may not have known. Ward described the discussions as Stefanski providing a baseline for the conversation and then letting the player take it from there.

On new head coach Kevin Stefanski

Earlier in the day, Nick Chubb mentioned that coach Stefanski didn’t seem like a first-time head coach, so the question was posed to Ward. Ward commented that how everything is set up and organized. He also mentioned how everything is running so smoothly, along with how he appreciates the way he approaches the team. From the sound of it, both Chubb and Ward seem to be happy with the Stefanski so far.

While it is just the start of training camp and the honeymoon phase is still running it’s course. The players are saying all the right things with the right attitude. We will see how this all translates to the field, but they seem to be putting in the work the best they can.

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