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MLB is Finally Getting Its Suspensions Right

MLB had handed out some suspensions following the A’s and Astros scuffle, and it was genuinely… fair? This is weird to say, but MLB actually held the Astros accountable. They didn’t overstep and take Ramon Laureano out for too many games either. A six-game suspension for him and 20 games for the instigating coach are right around what I would’ve given. MLB also reduced the games on Joe Kelly down to five, which is also a much better number. With all of this in mind, has MLB finally started to get its suspensions right?

MLB No Longer Protects the Astros With Suspensions

The Joe Kelly suspension really did feel like MLB would give out suspensions to whoever threatened the Astros. This was something that outraged fans as Rob Manfred’s hypocrisy had shone through. Suspend players who throw at the Astros, but fail to suspend the Astros. This was corrected with the recent moves by MLB. While it doesn’t undo what the Astros got away with, it does show that MLB won’t protect them blindly.

The MLB Finally Does Something the Fans Can Get Behind

There’s simply no way that MLB could’ve suspended Laureano for 10 games and Cintron for seven and expected the fans to not cause an uproar. They gave Alex Cintron (the instigator of the fight) 20 games which is the equivalent of over 50 games in a 162 game season. As a diehard fan of MLB and a staunch Joe Kelly supporter, that’s music to my ears. I saw the New York Yankees in 2017 lose to a team with ill-gotten gains. I saw the Astros steamroll the Boston Red Sox who were just as good as the Yankees and they did so with cheating.

If MLB is going to start playing fair and not just protecting Astros, I’m all for it.

Better Late Than Never

I understand that this is bitter-sweet. MLB could’ve come down harder on the Astros and we would’ve felt a lot better about this. That doesn’t mean that we can’t take what’s being given now. If MLB is going to be fairer and give the Astros more accountability, then we should be glad we at least have that. Obviously, MLB didn’t act perfectly and I’ve ripped them before on it, but at least now I can say, the Astros were put back in their place.

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