MLB Should Suspend Players “Enforcing” Unwritten Rules


This has to be the most pathetic, asinine, and flat out stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in MLB. Fernando Tatis Jr. had taken 3 balls with a 10-3 lead and was now up 3-0 in the count. He did something that most hitters don’t do and was waiting to swing on 3-0, and was rewarded. He cranked an opposite-field missile to add to the lead. Great for Tatis Jr, who has slowly become one of the best players in the game right now. This is where MLB had it’s bogus “unwritten rules” step in.

The Texas Rangers threw behind Manny Machado to “send a message”. If you think that what Tatis Jr. did was wrong, do me a favor and stop watching baseball.

MLB Players Enforcing the Unwritten Rules Are Bitter

So what that a player pimped a home run? He hit a ball around 400 feet, something neither you nor I can do against an MLB pitcher (unless you’re a pro player). You realize how hard that is to do and how great it feels? If you think a player hitting a home run and flipping his bat means they need “sweet chin music” then you don’t know baseball. You’re sad, bitter, upset, and frankly are making this sport worse. A player should be able to get excited when he hits one out. A pitcher should be able to flaunt a big strikeout. You shouldn’t hit players with hard fastballs because they have human emotions.

MLB Unwritten Rules Are Bad For Baseball

MLB needs to market their superstars, so why are we throwing at them? Seriously how do you expect to market guys like Fernando Tatis Jr. if we send him to the IL because of a fastball that slipped? Do you hit a guy who hit your guy on purpose? If you want to, then sure. Do you hit a guy who apologetically cheated and used cheating to beat you in the ALDS? Sure, but you’ll get a suspension. This doesn’t mean hurting superstars for just being better than you. The Texas Rangers were mad that Fernando Tatis Jr. made their pitching look like independent league arms. Boohoo, throw better pitches, you dolts.

Why am I so angry about this can be chalked up to just how flat out suppressing it is to other cultures, cultures I’m a part of.

Punishes Players Of Other Cultures

Latin culture is all about flair and passion. Bat flips, airhorns, loud crowds, purely loving the game. This culture is normal in other parts of the world for baseball, just not MLB for some. Watch a KBO game and you’ll see the same thing. The famous NBL in Japan also has this same emotion-driven game. This is why when you watch the World Baseball Classic you see a lot of bat flips and a different style of baseball. It’s simply just how the game is played everywhere else in the world.

This is why it’s so infuriating because you want players to no longer play the baseball they’ve seen their whole life. Getting offended at a bat flip is weak, and throwing a hissy-fit by hitting batters is even weaker. You can’t excuse this garbage, and I hope MLB starts really punishing players who partake in enforcing unwritten rules.

How to Handle Emotional Players

Simple, throw better pitches. You don’t want Tatis Jr. to score 7 runs on your pitching staff with two swings of the bat? Don’t walk the bases loaded and then go down 3-0. Batters who get upset when a pitcher gets hyped because of a strikeout? Hit the ball. It’s really that simple. Get better and you won’t be the victim of a magnificent celebration. Can’t do that? Then let’s try just ignoring it, you don’t have to fake emotion to fit in, but just let players celebrate as long as they aren’t directly disrespecting you.

Unless a player is cursing you out, insulting your family, or insulting your teammates, whatever they’re doing is totally okay and you have to do MLB a favor and get over it. MLB better start getting rid of these unwritten rules, or else players will unnecessarily get hurt.

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