Sparta BKMMA Results: A Bloody Good Debut

Sparta Sports and Entertainment debuted sanctioned BKMMA in the US for the first time ever on Saturday, August 15th. Missed the event? Don’t worry! We’ve got a full event recap for you!

The Outlaw Saloon played host to Sparta BKMMA and it was a glorious sight to behold. The sun had already begun its descent by the time the event started, leaving the cage in its yellow haze. No, you did not misread that. This card was held outdoors!! The weather was absolutely fantastic for an outdoor event. The night started at a warm 84 degrees and got even more comfortable as the sun continued to set. There could not be a more perfect setting for this historic achievement.

We were promised a fantastic night of fights and Sparta did not disappoint. The debut of BKMMA could not have gone much better. The first BKMMA fight proved that, even though it was bare-knuckle, it was still MMA after all, ending in a submission. The second BKMMA fight provided everyone with the bloody war that we all expected of a bare-knuckle fight. You could hear every brutal thud of each punch. The sound of bone against bone echoed above the raucous crowd. It truly was a glorious sight to behold.

Without further ado, let us get to the results!

Sparta BKMMA Results

Match 1: Tomas Ornelas defeated John Bustamente by Unanimous Decision
Tomas Ornelas getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.
Tomas Ornelas getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.

Tomas Ornelas and John Bustamente kicked the night off with a 140-pound Ammy boxing contest.

The first round saw a lot of back and forth between both guys. Ornelas drove the action, landing solid combinations and racking up points in the judge’s eyes. Bustamente looked good, though, landing some good combinations himself.

The second round saw an increase in activity between both men. However, it was still Ornelas pushing forward for most of the round. Ornelas continued to land solid shots, keeping Bustamente moving back towards the cage. Going into the third round, this was Ornelas’ fight to lose.

Ornelas came out fast and furious in the third round, taking the fight to Bustamente immediately and peppering him with shots. Bustamente was forced to initiate a clinch multiple times to avoid damage. In the end, the judges felt that Ornelas earned the win in his debut.

Match 2: Maliah Paculan defeated Tamika Caldwell by Unanimous Decision
Maliah Paculan getting her hand raised. Photo credit Jeff Swartz.
Maliah Paculan getting her hand raised. Photo credit Jeff Swartz.

Next, Maliah Paculan faced off with Tamika Caldwell in a 125-pound Ammy boxing contest.

These two fighters came out swinging fast and hard. The first round saw a lot of back and forth action. Paculan showed off her quick movement and fast hands early and often. Caldwell landed some great shots throughout the first round but was outboxed by Paculan.

Paculan continued her fast pace in the second round. She looked very comfortable and danced around Caldwell, picking her shots. Caldwell began looking more tired as the second round went on, losing the bounce she had in the first. Paculan ended the second round with a flurry of punches, backing Caldwell to the cage.

Caldwell showed a lot of heart in the third round. Despite being tired, she still kept trying to push forward and land shots. However, Paculan was able to find a home for her jab often, keeping Caldwell from landing many of her stronger shots. After three rounds of action, the judges sided with Paculan, adding another win to her record.

Match 3: Elias Rodriguez defeated Kalleb Haile by TKO
Elias Rodriguez getting his hand raised. Photo credit Jeff Swartz.
Elias Rodriguez getting his hand raised. Photo credit Jeff Swartz.

Elias Rodriguez and Kalleb Haile were up next in a 130-pound Ammy kickboxing bout.

After a quick touch of the gloves, Rodriguez came out fast and hard. It was clear that his gameplan involved a heavy load of kicks. He landed one big one to the body before landing a few hard leg kicks that clearly affected Haile. Rodriguez continued to dance around and pick his shots. After some solid punches, he landed some more leg kicks that made Haile collapse to the ground.

Haile was quickly back on his feet and the ref allowed the fight to continue. However, Rodriguez landed more kicks and punches, seemingly at will. He backed Haile to the cage on multiple occasions, giving him no room to escape. However, before Rodriguez could secure a first-round finish, the bell rang and Haile was allowed a chance to recover.

The second round started off with a flurry of kicks and punches by Rodriguez, dropping Haile to the ground once again. Haile was able to get back to his feet after a count of 8 and the fight continued. Rodriguez then came flying at Haile with a knee, which is legal under Glory rules. The knee narrowly missed but sent Haile back to the cage on the defensive. Rodriguez pressed forward with a combination of punches and kicks that sent Haile to the ground for the third time. That was all the ref needed to see, and he stepped in and waved the fight off. Rodriguez was able to pick up his second kickboxing win in a month with Sparta.

Match 4: Fernando Acosta defeated Isaiah Trujillo by KO
Fernando Acosta getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.
Fernando Acosta getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.

We then saw Fernando Acosta face Isaiah Trujillo in a 152-pound Ammy boxing contest.

These two warriors came out swinging hard. They met at the center of the cage and went to war. They exchanged shots before Acosta took over. He forced Trujillo’s back to the cage and peppered him with shots to the body and head. Acosta landed jab after jab, setting up the kill shot. After a quick right, Acosta landed a heavy left that sent Trujillo crashing down to the mat. 10 seconds later the fight was over and Acosta was able to pick up the win.

Match 5: Steven Lontine defeated Humberto Pozos by Unanimous Decision
Steven Lontine getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.
Steven Lontine getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.

Steven Lontine and Humberto Pozos followed that up with another Ammy boxing match, this time at 145-pounds.

From the sound of the opening bell, this was all Lontine’s fight. He came out strong and commanded the middle of the cage. Pozos moved around well, throwing as often as he could, but wasn’t able to land with frequency. Lontine was much more accurate with his strikes, hitting Pozos with combinations to the head and body often. Pozos began to fade as the first round went on, losing the bounce in his step that he had at the beginning of the round.

Once again, Lontine took command of the center of the cage for much of the second round. Pozos was active but again struggled to land. Lontine controlled the action in the second round, picking his shots and landing often. With about 15 seconds left in the round, Lontine landed a clean right that clearly affected Pozos. Lontine followed that up with a barrage of punches to close out the round.

The third round began with Pozos coming out active and swinging. However, he was unable to land any of his initial punches. On the other hand, Lontine countered Pozos beautifully whenever Pozos got within range. Pozos put up a great performance but was outboxed by Lontine for the entire fight. In the end, the judges sided with Lontine for the decision.

Match 6: Khortni Kamryon defeated Barb Ciesnolevicz by Unanimous Decision
Khortni Kamyron getting her hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.
Khortni Kamyron getting her hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.

Next, Khortni Kamryon and Barb Ciesnolevicz faced off in a 147-pound Ammy boxing bout.

These two came out swinging from the opening bell. However, it was Kamyron that started to find a home for her jab rather quickly. Ciesnolevicz moved well, landing some solid shots of her own throughout the first round. The round could have been scored for either fighter.

In the second round, Kamyron continued to land more frequently. She sat back on her punches and picked her shots, enjoying great success with her strikes. Ciesnolevicz landed shots of her own in the second round but Kamyron seemed unfazed by the damage.

The third round saw an increase in success by Kamryon. She landed her jab often and piled up the damage. Ciesnolevicz showed a lot of heart and continued to push forward, throwing as often as she could. Unfortunately, Kamyron took advantage of this by landing punishing counters whenever Ciesnolevicz would press forward. Ciesnolevicz performed very well against a pure striker but could not do enough to overcome the striking abilities of Kamyron. The judges felt that Kamryon earned the win by unanimous decision when it was all said and done.

Match 7: Carlos Rivera defeated Keynan Davis by Split Decision
Carlos Rivera getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.
Carlos Rivera getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.

Carlos Rivera and Keynan Davis kicked off the Ammy MMA action with a 135-pound scrap.

The first MMA bout of the night started off with Rivera landing leg kicks on Davis. Rivera kept pushing forward as the round went on, finding success with quick jabs. Davis attempted to grab Rivera’s leg for a takedown but Rivera was able to muscle his leg down. Rivera then landed some knees to the body before disengaging and throwing another flurry of punches. Davis was able to leverage a takedown attempt into swinging around and taking Rivera’s back, dragging him to the ground. Davis was able to end the round with a rear naked choke attempt.

The second round began with Rivera taking the fight to Davis immediately. Davis got hit with a swirl of punches that forced him to go for a takedown. Rivera stuffed the takedown and turned it into one of his own, ending with him taking Davis’ back. Rivera rained down punches from there, forcing Davis to cover up and defend. Davis did everything he could to shake Rivera off of his back but was not able to. The second round ended with another rear naked choke attempt, this time for Rivera.

The third round saw Davis get a takedown early. However, Rivera was quickly able to reverse this into getting Davis’ back once again. He wasn’t able to do much before Davis was able to reverse and end up on top himself. However, Rivera was able to attempt an arm triangle from the bottom that kept Davis from taking advantage. The third round ended just like the first two, with a submission attempt. When it was all over, two judges felt Rivera had earned the win, giving him the victory by way of a split decision.

Match 8: Namir Singleton defeated JD Cathcart by Rear Naked Choke
Namir Singleton getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.
Namir Singleton getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.

We then saw Namir Singleton face JD Cathcart in a 155-pound Ammy MMA contest.

Cathcart started off strong and fast. He had Singleton up against the cage in a matter of no time. Cathcart then lifted Singleton off the ground, carried him a few steps, but then was forced to set him back down on his feet. He kept Singleton pinned against the cage but this would be his downfall. Cathcart was going for a takedown when Singleton reached down, secured Cathcart’s neck, and pulled him down to the ground. Cathcart was tapping before he even fully hit the ground. Moments later Singleton was getting his hand raised after earning the win by rear naked choke.

Match 9: Chris Arena defeated Elias Egozi by Unanimous Decision
Chris Arena getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.
Chris Arena getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.

Next, we saw Chris Arena and Elias Egozi face off in our second Ammy kickboxing bout of the night.

Chris Arena was very successful right off the bat, keeping Egozi at bay with his swift kicks. Arena continued this success, landing strikes often throughout the first round. Egozi looked great in the first round as well, picking his shots and forcing Arena to respect his power.

The second round saw even more success for Arena, with swift kicks to the body and legs landing early. He followed that up with a string of punches that made Egozi stiffen up. Despite a slight limp, Egozi continued to push forward and landed with some success. However, Arena looked like the fresher fighter going into the third round.

Despite looking winded, Egozi came out swinging hard in the third, backing Arena to the cage early. However, Arena quickly escaped and followed up with some swift punches that snapped Egozi’s head back. Egozi slowed down from there while Arena continued to pick up his pace. Arena continued to punish Egozi throughout the third round with shots to the head and body. In the end, the judges awarded Arena with the unanimous decision win.

Match 10: Ramiro Figueroa defeated Darien Robinson by Unanimous Decision
Ramiro Figueroa getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.
Ramiro Figueroa getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.

We then returned to Ammy boxing for our first title fight of the night. Ramiro Figueroa faced Darien Robinson for Airtight Boxing’s 155-pound Ammy boxing title.

This fight started off fast, with both men throwing often to get a feel for one another’s range. Figueroa showed off his lightning-fast hands early, peppering Robinson with 1-2 combinations. Robinson landed some 1-2s of his own but with less frequency. The first round ended with Figueroa backing Robinson to the cage and landing shot after shot in the final 10 seconds until the bell rang.

The second round continued with Figueroa finding success with his combinations to the head and body. Robinson showed off great footwork, dodging many of Figueroa’s harder shots. However, Figueroa was able to continue to piece together combinations as the round went on. Robinson had some success with his jab but often was not able to follow it up. There was a brief pause in the action when Robinson managed to knock Figueroa’s mouthguard out. When the fight resumed, Figueroa continued his success, landing a combination of shots to the body and head to close out the round.

The third round saw an increase in urgency by Robinson. He came out fast and swinging hard. However, Figueroa was unfazed by this and kept pushing forward. He continued to land strategic shots to the body and head that kept Robinson at bay. Figueroa looked great for all three rounds, not slowing down and landing frequently. After three rounds the judges went to their scorecards and came back with a unanimous decision win for Figueroa. Ramiro Figueroa was rewarded with the Airtight Boxing’s 155-pound championship belt for his efforts.

Match 11: Zac Haynes defeated Mario Rodriguez by Submission (Omoplata)
Zac Haynes getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.
Zac Haynes getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.

Our last Ammy MMA fight of the night was for Sparta’s 135-pound championship. This fight saw Zac Haynes face Mario Rodriguez with the gold on the line.

This fight was over quick. After a touch of the gloves, the fight was on. Rodriguez threw two quick jabs and then Haynes shot for the takedown. Haynes muscled Rodriguez to the ground and got to work fast, gaining top control. After Rodriguez nearly escaped to his feet, Haynes managed to get his back instead and attempted a rear naked choke. Rodriguez defended well and managed to turn on to his back, but this gave Haynes a full mount. Rodriguez managed to reverse this poor position, getting on top of Haynes, but he opened himself up to his own demise. Haynes quickly snatched the arm of Rodriguez and sunk in his submission. A few short seconds later and Rodriguez was tapping to an omoplata. Haynes jumped up and let out a victory scream, knowing he had just secured Sparta’s 135-pound MMA championship.

Match 12: Andy Perez defeated Derek Perez by Submission (Side Choke)
Andy Perez getting his hand raised at Sparta BKMMA. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.
Andy Perez getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.

The co-main event saw the first-ever US sanctioned Pro BKMMA bout go down between Andy “Golden Boy” Perez and Derek Perez at 155 pounds.

It took just under five minutes for the first US sanctioned BKMMA fight to end. Derek came out and landed a few quick shots before Andy got him to the ground. This is where the technical battle started. On the ground, both men fought for position. Andy used his superior wrestling to improve his position quickly but Derek managed to get a reversal when Andy attempted to go for a rear naked choke, ending up on top. Andy managed to quickly escape and get back to his feet.

After some jockeying for position in a clinch, Andy managed to drag Derek back down to the ground and get on top. Andy was able to quickly pass Derek’s guard into north-south and put himself into the position to win. Derek defended well, keeping Andy’s head pinned to his chest until Andy managed to lift Derek’s upper body up off the mat and slam him back down. Andy moved quickly from there. He secured Derek’s head and began cranking. Seconds later Derek was forced to tap and Andy Perez had cemented his name in the history books.

Just like that, the first-ever winner of a sanctioned BKMMA fight in the US won by submission. Very few punches were even thrown during this BKMMA fight. Highlighting the fact that this is bare-knuckle MMA, after all, and not bare-knuckle boxing.

Match 13: Michael Santos defeated Gene Perez via Unanimous Decision
Michael Santos getting his hand raised at Sparta BKMMA. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.
Michael Santos getting his hand raised. Photo credit Ashlee Moreno.

Fans were treated to an absolute war for the main event. Michael Santos faced Gene Perez for the second Pro 155-pound BKMMA fight of the night.

After a technical battle in the first BKMMA fight, fans got the bloody battle they expected of a bare-knuckle bout for the second. Perez came out swinging and Santos responded with some vicious knees. Santos then secured a takedown and attempted a rear naked choke. Perez defended well and Santos soon abandoned it. Santos kept his hooks in and started bashing his knuckles into the face of Perez. Despite that, it was Santos that was the first to begin bleeding, with a cut opening above his left eye before the first round was over.

They took the first 30 seconds of the second round to get a feel for each other’s range and then began swinging. Santos landed some heavy shots and Perez returned the favor immediately. This exchange opened up a nasty cut above the lip of Perez that gushed blood for the rest of the night. These two continued to land punch after punch on one another, peeling the skin from their own knuckles in the process. Santos threw Perez to the ground and rained down punches and elbows to close out the round.

The third round saw a return to the ground early. Santos stuffed a takedown attempt and turned it into one of his own. Santos didn’t attempt to pass guard, seeming content with just landing punches from full guard. Before long, the fight was stood up by the ref. These two exchanged some shots on the feet from there until a minute left in the fight, when Santos pulled Perez back down for more ground and pound. After 15 bloody minutes, Santos was awarded the win via unanimous decision, earning his place in the history books.

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