Sparta BKMMA Is Returning September 19th!

It’s official, folks! Sparta BKMMA will be back on September 19th! Sparta Sports and Entertainment will be bringing BKMMA back to fans in Cheyenne, Wyoming for another live event. In addition to BKMMA, there will also be traditional MMA, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and boxing fights!

Fans were not disappointed with the first-ever US sanctioned BKMMA fights this past weekend. Sparta Sports and Entertainment will be looking to put on an even bigger show on September 19th, if enough fighters answer the BKMMA call. Do you know someone brave enough?! Have them apply now!

Where To Apply for Sparta BKMMA 2

Sparta Sports and Entertainment's Instagram photo asking fighters to apply at for Sparta BKMMA 2
Courtesy of Sparta Sports and Entertainment’s Instagram

Are you an Ammy or professional MMA fighter, kickboxer, Muay Thai fighter, or boxer?! Sparta Sports and Entertainment is taking applications here for the September 19th event! Don’t miss out on your chance to fight and get paid!

Did I Mention Fighters Get PPV Commissions?!

Sparta Sports and Entertainment believes in getting their fighters paid. That’s why they offer a 30% commissions to fighters on PPV buys when someone uses their fighter code at checkout! This gives fighters a chance to earn even more money with the support of their fans!

Have more questions? Get in touch with Sparta Sports and Entertainment on social media and they will help you out!

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