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UFC Vegas 7: Saint Preux Vs Menifield Breakdown

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Leading up to the main event we have an exciting co-main light heavyweight bout between the veteran Ovince Saint Preux and The DWCS contract winner Alonzo Menifield.

Ovince Saint Preux Background

Since winning his UFC debut vs Gian Villante, OSP has been an ever-present in the UFC. Coming up 7 years in the promotion, OSP has been as active as ever and his results tend to stick to a trend. Never one to lack talent, OSP has always had consistency problems. Going 5-5 in his last 10 UFC fights proves my point. Losing to the likes of Ryan Bader, Glover Texiera, Jon Jones, absolutely no slouch, however, there’s also been multiple losses OSP has been expected to win. Ben Rothwell, Nikita Krylov, Ilir Latifi, all fighters that OSP should have defeated on his best day.

Despite his inconsistencies, Saint Preux has been a conundrum that UFC fans worldwide have struggled to figure out. From his explosive striking to his solid wrestling and ever-impressive Von-Flue choke that he seems to pull off from nowhere, there’s always fun when OSP is involved.

With alright solid boxing and one of the best left high kicks in the whole sport, Saint Preux can go wherever the fight takes him. A comparison I think is fair to OSP is that he’s like the LHW version of Donald Cerrone. A perennial contender whose talent has never been the thing that holds him back, it’s the mental game that OSP lacks. He seems to defeat himself and often either gas out or the opposite and not throw enough the full fight. The similarities with Cowboy don’t just lie in his career trajectory, they come in fight style also. Both fantastic kickers with highlight-reel KO’s, both also incredibly underrated grappling but struggle with elite boxers and wrestlers.

Alonso Menifield Background

Menifield is coming into the UFC as one of, if not the most athletic guy the UFC has seen. An ex-pro Footballer in the CFL and Arena Football League, also an ex track and field star at College, Menifield understands the mental side of performing at the top level like nobody else. As well as the high-level sporting side of the game, Menifield understands how to dig deep.

After being born in California, Menifield grew up bouncing between foster homes after losing his father. Despite bouncing between 12 different homes, the Cali native was excelling in multiple different sports and even earned an Honourable All American in college.

Much newer to the MMA scene than OSP, Menifield has almost a 1/4 of his opponents fights to date, with only 10 compared to OSP’s 38. Whilst the experience factor is lacking, he more than makes up for it with ability. With ferocious power and an improving ground game, the ex NFL wannabe is asserting himself as a legitimate MMA fighter. With only one loss, being his last fight as well, the previous 9 wins had come by 8 knockouts and 1 submission.

Another star to come through the Dana White Tuesday Contender series, Menifield has had the perfect platform to build his star. That shows in the fact that after 10 pro fights he’s co-headlining in the UFC, against a former top 5 contender.

OSP Breakdown

Ovince Saint Perux is mainly a striker, known for his left high kick as mentioned before. Whilst he is not necessarily known for his set-ups and combination punches, OSP thrown with speed and precision almost unmatched in the LHW divison.

Whilst knowing the high kick is his best tool, he doesn’t overthrow it. He uses it sparingly yet intelligently. Against Corey Anderson, he was able to catch him twice. First time with next to no set-up, sending Anderson’s mouthguard flying out his mouth and nearly ending the fight.

Later on in the fight, the same kick came with a slight feint beforehand. He feinted the straight left to bring in Anderson’s hands to defend the straight and came thudding up the side with the left high kick, almost taking Anderson’s head off.

As well as the striking, there’s the grappling aspect that OSP always surprises people with. With 3 separate von-flue chokes, OSP looks to make history every single time he goes to the matt with someone.

Alonzo Menifield Breakdown

Alonzo Menifield has a very distinct Thai style. High hands, straight back and wide legs, everything is thrown comes with ferocious power.

Always a fast starter, we have seen firsthand how dangerous Menifield can be in the first few exchanges. Ending his first stint on the contender series within literal seconds, there isn’t a single punch thrown to gauge distance with Menifield.

Against Vinicius Moreira, he started fast but looked to tire even faster, however he slowed down, was more patient and was still able to land a crushing hook to floor his opponent.


I think OSP by ground and pound round 3. I think he has a better gas tank, more experience and should be the more well-rounded fighter.

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