BREAKING: Brendan Gallagher Leaves Bubble With Jaw Fracture.

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BREAKING: Brendan Gallagher Leaves Bubble With Jaw Fracture.

On Thursday, August 20th it was announced that Montreal Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher has left the bubble with a fractured jaw, After an injury in game 5 against the Philadelphia Flyers. when Flyers defensemen Matt Niskanen cross-checked Gallagher in the Face during the 3rd period of game 5. The loss of Gallagher will hurt the Habs greatly going into game 6 as they have to change their lines up as well as adapt without their most important player.

What Gallagher Brings to the Habs

It goes without saying how important Gallagher is to this team. He’s the driving force on the offence and makes everyone he plays with better. Gallagher was on the Canadiens top line all year and played a pivotal role for the Habs this year. And with him gone the Habs need to adapt and get new lines set up quickly.

The ideal top line would be TatarSuzukiDomi then have Danault as the 3rd line Center as they did in games 2 and 3. This also means Ryan Poehling will likely make his NHL playoff debut in game 6. Poehling will hopefully bring good pace to the fourth line and give it a look like EvansPoehlingHudon. Those 3 will bring a good pace to the 4th line.

Will Niskanen Get Disciplined?

With Matt Niskanen set to have a hearing on the hit on Gallagher the question is will he get anything and if so what will he get?

While writing this article, I predicted a 1-3 game suspension for Niskanen. The incident has cost Gallagher the rest of the series, and possibly the playoffs. After writing, it was announced that Niskanen is suspended for one game.

Timeline for Return

Since we don’t know what exactly is fractured in Gallagher’s jaw, it’s very uncertain how long he’ll be out of action, every game he’s out it hurts the team. Obviously the number 1 priority is Gallagher’s health, it hurts the team a lot but the main hope is he’ll be back for the next round of the Canadiens do advance past the Flyers. The possibility of that happening isn’t very high. Gallagher will almost certainly be 100% by next season. this one hurts the Habs but hopefully, this won’t be an injury that would affect him through the rest of his career.

Rally for Gally

The Canadiens might be missing their star player but they have motivation. Win For Claude, Henri and Gallagher. It’s a huge blow offensively for the Habs the fans and the players need to trust Kirk Muller to make the right moves in the lineup. And trust the team to adapt to the new offence we’ll see in game 6 on Friday.

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