Blue Jays Interesting Addition in Daniel Vogelbach

The Blue Jays picked up an interesting addition in Daniel Vogelbach. The Blue Jays claimed left-handed hitter Daniel Vogelbach off waivers from the Mariners. After the Mariners DFA’d Vogelbach, the Blue Jays picked him up for cash considerations. This is interesting as Vogelbach is slashing only .094/.250/.226 on the year.

Evaluating Vogelbach’s Bat

Daniel Vogelbach’s bat is interesting. While he possesses great potential, it mainly comes from one side. In five seasons, Vogelbach consistently hits right-handed pitching better than left-handed pitching. Last season, Vogelbach proved his power by hitting 30 home runs. In addition, Vogelbach’s walk rate sat at 16.5 percent, in the top two percent of the league. Last season, Vogelbach walked 92 times and struck out 149 times.

There is no doubt Vogelbach has power. Vogelbach’s average exit velocity is 88.9 mph. He is a fastball hitter, belting 23 of his 30 home runs off of fastballs. Vogelbach also has a chase rate well below league average. He will chase the ball out of the zone 19.7 percent of the time, as opposed to league average 28.2 percent.

His whiff rate is slightly higher than the league average. He will swing and miss at a pitch about 25.9 percent, as the league average is 24.4.

Evaluating Vogelbach’s Defense

In the field, Vogelbach has a solid glove. His fielding percentage over the past five seasons is .995. Unfortunately, he doesn’t move very well. His Outs Above Average sits at a -1. He will be able to pick the errant throws, however, chasing down balls is a different story.


Daniel Vogelbach is an interesting addition. While the plus side is an additional powerful bat, the downside is how to play him. The Blue Jays are crowded at first and DH. He will have to split time with Guerrero Jr. and Rowdy Tellez. With the way Tellez has been hitting recently and Guerrero’s bat is a must in the lineup, there is not much room for the big lefty.

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