JP Crawford Growing Up with the Seattle Mariners

Crawford’s Background

JP Crawford is growing up in front of the Seattle Mariners. With his love of baseball in his background, Crawford quickly developed into one of the High School stars in baseball.

Crawford’s baseball career continued when he was selected first by the University of Southern California to play baseball. Then he decided to forego his college commitment when he was picked as the 16th overall pick in the first round of the 2013 MLB draft by the Philadelphia Phillies. They had immediate high expectations when they signed him. The Phillies organization thought Crawford would be the future replacement for their shortstop, Jimmy Rollins, but JP Crawford was expendable when the Phillies bought up Scott Kingery in 2018.

Crawford needed a change of scenery and got it when he was traded to the Seattle Mariners. He is growing up in front of Seattle Mariners management quickly.

Start of Crawford’s Career

JP Crawford is showing a great start to a promising career. Crawford has been developing and showing his abilities since he was drafted by Phillies, showing the reasons why their scouts liked him.  He was called up in May 2019 and remained there for the rest of the season, while playing solid defense. He worked on his offensive game while undergoing some growing pains as a rookie last year. So far, this season he is showing his talent, and the Mariners are developing him the proper way. He has a chance at a long career in Major Leagues.

Crawford’s 2020 Season so Far

 From the beginning of the 2020 Season, Crawford has been impressive. The Seattle Mariners put him in the second spot in the lineup at the start of the season.  For a few weeks, Mariners’ leadoff man Shed Long had been struggling and the Mariners’ offense wasn’t consistent. They have averaged around 3.8 runs per game. It’s tough keeping Crawford in the everyday lineup, with Seattle having many young guys around

Around the third week of the season, the Mariners manager Scott Servais decided to move JP Crawford into the lineup. This jolted the offense during the first few games in Anaheim when Crawford crossed the bases many times via hits, walks, and stolen bases. This helped Kyle Lewis and Kyle Seager drive in runs. Crawford is playing solid defense so far this season, showing off.  He is growing and becoming one of the cornerstones of the rebuilding process in Seattle.

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