Mitch Trubisky: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Mitch Trubisky

Mitch Trubisky is the most polarizing athlete in all of Chicago, and maybe even the NFL. Half of the Bears fans love him and the other half despise him. Which leads to a lot of unwarranted hatred. Has Mitch Trubisky lived up to the hype yet? That answer is definitely a no as of right now, but let’s not rush to judgement so fast on a player that does do certain things well. Having said that, Ryan Pace needs to let his little birdie go and see if he can fly on his own. No longer should he be guaranteed a staring position for the Chicago Bears. Let there be a true quarterback competition this year where the best man wins the job.

The Good

Mitch Trubisky has very good traits that could lead to him being a winning quarterback. And if the Bears are going to stick it out with Trubisky, they would be wise to cater their offense to fit his best attributes. Those attributes being his mobility and ability to throw on the run. In 2018, Mitch Trubisky had 421 yards rushing and three rushing touchdowns in just 14 games. To go along with multiple huge third down conversions to keep drives alive. With how dominate the Chicago Bears defense is, that kind of production would be more than enough to push for a playoff spot.

The Bad

Even the best players have things to work on. And Mitch is no different. He came in to the NFL with only having one year of starting experience at North Carolina. To go along with that, North Carolina didn’t have the most complex offensive scheme. It was basically a one read and run offense which he ran very well. However, that did him no favors when it comes to reading complex defenses. He has improved some at that aspect of his game. But to be the player that he wants to be, that needs to keep improving before Chicago loses patience. Too many times Mitch Trubisky stares down the main target of that play, and then misses a wide open player. To be fair to Mitch, he has a top notch work ethic that should lead to him improving on that part of his game with more playing time, as long as he holds off Nick Foles.

The Ugly

The ugliest part of Mitch Trubisky’s time in Chicago is the way Ryan Pace set him up for failure. To bring him in to a team in 2017 with an unproven offensive line and little to no playmakers did him no favors. They did however bring in a very good offensive mind in Matt Nagy to help teach him how to be an NFL Quarterback. Having said that, at the end of the day its up to Mitch and the rest of the Bears offense to put up some modern day numbers. He does however have the right attitude to reach his potential. Mitch just needs to reach that potential sooner rather than later.

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