Sizing Up the MLB Central Divisions

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In this week’s edition of Cheap Seats Chatter, I was joined by fellow writers Ryan Garcia, Anthony Baamonde and Joe Borek. Our mission was simple: Spend about 90 minutes sizing up the MLB Central Divisions. As it would happen, we found a lot more to talk about.

Along with discussing some of the other COVID-related oddities in MLB 2020, we found ourselves answering other questions. There just seems to be so much going on with MLB’s Central Divisions this season.

Why are the Cubs off to such a great start, with such a weak bullpen? Why aren’t the Reds on top with a roster stacked with hitters? Are the White Sox legitimate contenders, and if so, why are they hovering in third place? Will anything (ever) get the Pirates on track? Next, we found ourselves talking about breakout players, followed by potential MVP Candidates from around the league.

With varying opinions, we discussed some of the new rules for MLB 2020. While we shared some opposing views on things like the three-batter minimum, we did find some common ground. The automatic runner on second rule is the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever heard of.

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