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Breaking News: Update on Russell Westbrook Status

Russell Westbrook has not played a game yet in the Houston Rockets first round matchup with the Thunder. After suffering a quad injury in the next to last game Westbrook has been rehabbing with the team.

After initially being listed as out there was an update to his status that was just released.

Russell Westbrook has been seen on the court for the last several days getting shots up and running drills. The Rockets have lost the last two games after going up 2-0. There were also reports of Westbrook becoming “stir crazy” during a Rockets practice. Westbrook has been moving well and with the series at 2-2 it might prompt him to make his first Rockets playoff appearance in game 5. Stay tuned as this is still a fluid situation before game time.

By him testing out his quad before game time could mean he is really close to returning. Westbrook is the ultimate competitor and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him play in game 5.

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