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Giolito’s Masterful No Hitter

Wow well, what a night it was for WhiteSox’s fans all around. Giolito threw an absolutely masterful no-hitter. Lucas Giolito came in like a wrecking ball on the downtrodden Pirates last night. He was so much of a wrecking ball the Pirates were not even able to field a hit in the game. Giolito threw a masterful no-hitter, consisting of 13Ks and one walk. His pitches were on point. Especially his devastating changeup last night.

This is not a game recap but more a celebration article of the great historic feat from Giolito. For a game recap, you can check out Anthony Baamonde’s Pirates and White Sox recap piece. Giolito was masterful last night. He had his pitches moving with the best of them. His changeup was also on point last night to really throw off the Pirates. A team that already struggles to muster anything up each night. So it’s safe to say a top of his game Giolito would be trouble.

He was trouble, trouble, and more trouble for the Pirates. He got into a groove yesterday and never looked back. For a guy with 13 Ks he also pitched to contact very well to get some earlier outs. This is why for the no-no he was able to throw 101 pitches. Which for a complete game no-hitter is a almost perfect number. You couldn’t have asked for any more out of Lucas Giolito yesterday except for maybe one less walk. Obviously I am joking.

13Ks with only 101 pitches and 74 strikes thrown is a hell of a line to have. Giolito has been good this year but not the normal what Sox’s fans know he can be. So what better way to capture momentum for yourself and your team that tossing a masterful no-hitter? There is no better way. Giolito set the tone for this two-game series by single-handedly taking out the Pirates yesterday. Now the Sox’s go for a short series sweep against the Pirates today.

Furthermore, you better bet Dallas Keuchel is going to be coming out gunning after Giolito set the tone yesterday. What a masterful no-hitter and game as a whole from Giolito. He was in complete control from out one. Seemingly pitching to contact when he wanted and for Ks when he wanted to get those. That is the makings of an ace for sure. If that wasn’t proven already from last year then it sure as hell should have been from last night. It was a performance of the ages for Giolito and one that White Sox’s fans will never forget.

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