Time To Let Petersen Shine in Los Angeles

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It is time for Calvin Petersen to shine in Los Angeles. For Kings fans, it is not hard to see that Jonathan Quick is not what he once was. He is still a fan favorite and for sure a guy the team will keep around. Especially, since they really have no choice unless they buy him out due to his cap hit. Which, I highly doubt happens. He may not be the goalie he once was but he will be a perfect mentor. That goalie he is a perfect mentor for is non-other then Petersen.

Petersen came to the Kings via free agency (FA) after he chose not to sign with the Buffalo Sabres and opt for FA in 2017. So it is safe to say he can become a potential steal for the Kings. They gave up nothing other than money for Petersen and so far so good. He is one of those goalies that is an enigma so far. This is because his AHL stats are not flashy at all, but his limited NHL stats are. Therefore, I believe Petersen should become the starter next year because he is still ascending as a goaltender. Where Quick who I will go to bat for with anyone is just factually descending some.

Petersen in 19 career NHL games thus far has a .923 SV% and a 2.62 GAA to go along with it. Do these stats always show how great the goalie is compared to the team? No, but in this case they do. We know the Kings are nothing special right now in a rebuild. So to put up those numbers with a team that has an average defense at best as they rebuild is still damn impressive. Peterson is turning 26 this October, and that is right where many hit their prime.

Petersen is right now at that prime age. He should be in line to get at least 1A, 1B minutes next year platooning with Quick. If I am the Kings, however, I start it as a platoon then hope Petersen takes off and claims the role for himself. This would be the perfect scenario for the Kings as they will have growing proof that Petersen can be their goalie. This all the while, the amazing all-time King, Quick gets to hang around. Not just hang around but be the perfect mentor and backup to Petersen.

I understand you never want to have a backup or 1B goalie getting paid over five million. Quick has an AAV of $5.8 million. However, as stated earlier they are no going to cap lock themselves one wouldn’t think in order to buy him out. Yes, it would save their cap in the short but make them have to pay him out for the long haul. So for a team that is still rebuilding and has a blossoming young goalie in Petersen it only makes sense to keep Quick around. That is exactly what I think they will do and if so do not be surprised to see this tandem as one of the underdog tandems in the league next year.

The Kings are in a good spot with Petersen in net. Now that Jack Campbell was traded earlier in the year, it seems the Kings are paving the way for the young goalie to take over. Well, now it is time to see it next year. It is Petersen’s time with the Kings, and I for one, think he will be successful. Especially with the mentorship of Quick.

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