Rob Manfred Is Done As MLB Commissioner


COVID-19 has been hard to manage and Rob Manfred has failed. Still, our standards were low for him due to how hard this was to manage. We didn’t even want a perfect season, we just wanted competent baseball where we could know we’ll have games. Rob Manfred hasn’t been able to even get games consistently playing as MLB commissioner. With the Astros, he’s yet to properly punish them. Yet we kept giving him chances, I kept giving chances, and I thought he couldn’t do worse.

Then he does it again. This time, he tries to make it look like he’s pro-BLM but still wants to play by forcing the Mets to do something.

He’s DONE.

Pretending to Be a Players’ Commissioner

He tried to play towards players feeling pain from the recent tragic events. Instead of allowing the players to do what they wanted, by sitting out (which is the whole point of a protest), he forced the New York Mets to do something. They would leave the field at 7:10 and then return at 8:10 whether they wanted to protest or not. Players wanted to just boycott the game, but Manfred is not going to allow that. What if players want to do something else? Nope, Manfred wants them to do the exact thing he said, so he could look good.

What a joke.

Rob Manfred and His Asinine Actions as MLB Commissioner

So, does anyone want to explain why he thinks it’s a good idea to force teams to do things? The Mets are defying the MLB if they don’t do exactly what “commisioner” Rob Manfred and the MLB says, but the Astros’ players are innocent. Players can go out, party and bring back COVID which derails the season more than one boycotted game without any fines. This is inconsistent, disgusting, disturbing, and a dereliction of duty as the commisioner of MLB.

Losing the Owners’ Support

By forcing teams to act in certain ways, the owners will be livid. If their teams have to act in Rob Manfred’s interest only, owners won’t stand for it. MLB cannot withstand a dictatorial commissioner, and that’s exactly what he’s become. He’s going to lose their support, and that’s a ticket to unemployment for him.

Rob Manfred needs to respond and amend if he wants to stay as MLB commissioner, and I simply don’t know for how long the owners will allow him to keep ruining this sport.

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