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WLC: Hideout Battle – Souris Manfredi Crowned Queen

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On Friday, August 28th, 2020, history was made when World Lethwei Championship held the closed-to-public event dubbed WLC: Hideout Battle. This event was a huge success from start to finish! Hideout Battle culminated with French Lethwei superstar Souris Manfredi becoming the inaugural WLC Women’s Bantamweight World Champion with an impressive display over Spanish Muay Thai superstar Maisha Katz.

Fight Breakdown

Souris Manfredi

Round 1

The fight started with both fighters exchanging early kicks, keeping each other at range. Katz started off using her long jab to try and keep Manfredi at range but then, nearly one minute into the round, Manfredi dropped Katz with a big right hand. However, Katz returned instantly to her feet and avoided the count. Manfredi managed to land two judo throws during the first round. Manfredi was able to finish the round as the stronger fighter, landing some strong elbows in the clinch.

Round 2

The second round started with both fighters exchanging right hands before Manfredi secured a throw from the clinch. Both fighters spent the round showing good work in the clinch, landing short elbows on one another and exchanging counter punches. Manfredi was also able to land a headbutt on Katz in this round. Before the second round was over, Manfredi managed to take her opponent down with two more throws. The second round ended with Katz clearly bleeding from the nose, with some serious swelling under her left eye.

Round 3

A large part of the third round was spent in the clinch with Manfredi landing some solid knees. The biggest breakthrough came with Manfredi landing a huge right hand, followed up by a big straight left going into the later stages of the round. The third round was briefly paused due to Katz catching Manfredi with an eye poke. Round three ended with the swelling under the left eye of Katz looking considerably worse, almost causing her left eye to be completely closed.

Round 4

The fourth round continued to follow the same pattern. A disciplined Katz was being pressured by Manfredi all round with some clinch work as Manfredi managed to land some solid knees and elbows. With just over a minute left in the round, Manfredi stunned Katz with a huge right hand. Manfredi then followed that up with a combination of shots. The fourth round finished with Manfredi landing a solid shot, followed by a huge knee to the face, and then a 12 to 6 elbow that dropped Katz to the canvas. Katz was able to make it back to her feet and back to her corner, but then failed to make it back out for the fifth round. Manfredi was declared the winner and was crowned the first-ever WLC Women’s Bantamweight World Champion.

Souris Manfredi WLC Hideout Battle Winner

So there you have it! In addition to being the first female Lethwei fighter to win by knockout, Souris Manfredi is now also the first-ever WLC Women’s Bantamweight World Champion. We have just witnessed history here today, and I, for one, was glad to witness it! What did you think of WLC: Hideout Battle?! Let us know in the comments below.

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