Dbacks: Obstacle of 2020


The Dbacks and the obstacles of 2020. This team has overcome multiple obstacles throughout the years, and ever Since the embarrassing 2016 season, this team has done a full 180. At least that’s what many fans thought after watching the team make it to the plays offs in 2017.

Offense Non-Existent

As the seasons progressed and now heading in 2020 one of the major issues the Diamondbacks involve the team’s at-bats. Arizona has difficulty when it comes to the team’s offense, and that has proven to be the team’s weakness. The pitchers may be supplying the defense, but the line-up is a different story.

Third to Last Place

The Dbacks started the season in last place behind the Giants and were able to jump from last from to third in the previous homestand against the A’s. However, did the Dbacks celebrate the comeback too soon? As soon as the Dbacks traveled to Oakland the team fell apart. At this point, defense does not seem to be the main problem. The offense is what will make or break the team throughout the season.

Crack Of The Bats

Cracks of the bats mean nothing if the team is unable to produce runs to back up the pitchers, and win games. The pitchers have been able to hold games down in the first four to five innings of the game, but at times seem pointless if the offense is unable to back up the defense. The real question that lies in between the lines, is what happened to the playoff hungry team?

Half-Way Over

Arizona is currently at a 14-21 record. Yikes. If it were a 162 game season, it could mean that there would be a possibility to catch up, but that is not the case. The season is half-way complete now, and it appears that the Dbacks enthusiasm is slowly disappearing and the offense is only getting worse. With the trade deadline approaching it is time for regrouping and strategizing what the next step will be.

Trade Deadline New Moves

Recent news states the Diamondbacks are willing to trade any players at this point to change the motion the team has been heading. Players like Archie Bradley, Robbie Ray, and Starling Marte are on the trade block. Lovullo as the manager has major changes coming in motion and may need to see where the team is failing when it comes to at-bats. The postseason is right around the corner and if the team does not overcome this obstacle Arizona will not be apart of the upcoming playoffs in October. 

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