Mitch Moreland Traded to Padres

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This morning it was announced that the Boston Red Sox are trading 1B/DH Mitch Moreland to the San Diego Padres.

As of now, Moreland will be heading to San Diego to play alongside Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr. For the Red Sox, it seems like they are going to be semi-rebuilding as many names could be traded in the next few hours as the trade deadline is tomorrow. It will be very interesting to see how the Red Sox will handle this.

Potential Trades Upcoming

The Sox are 11-22 right now, which is last in the AL East. At this point, being over halfway through the 60 game season, it makes sense to trade the guys who hold some trade value for some future prospects in pitching to hopefully help int he next coming years. Some names that could possibly be traded soon are J.D. Martinez and Jackie Bradley Jr. Both players hold very high value.

For Moreland, he served his time well in Boston. He did just about everything for the Sox. He was a clubhouse leader, a great hitter, and best of all, a very clutch player. Moreland played a pivotal role for the Red Sox in their 2018 World Series run. The Padres are adding a great veteran to their team in their hopes for a deep playoff push.

Heading to Boston:

In return, the Red Sox are receiving 21-year-old third baseman Hudson Potts, who is the 16th ranked prospect in the Padres system. Hudson was taken 24th overall in the 2016 MLB draft. In addition, 20-year-old outfielder Jeisson Rosario will join the Red Sox, who’s listed as the 19th ranked prospect in their system. Keep in mind, the Padres have the second-best farm system in baseball, according to

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