Blue Jays Beam Up Alejandro Kirk

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The Blue Jays beamed up Alejandro Kirk to their taxi squad. Kirk is ranked as the Blue Jays’ sixth overall prospect according to In addition, Baseball America ranks Kirk as the Blue Jays’ fifth overall prospect.

Beaming with Potential

Alejandro Kirk has only made it up to High-A ball, however, he has made a name for himself in the Blue Jays organization. With the nickname “Captain Kirk,” the Blue Jays community has become enamored with him. In 518 at-bats, Kirk is hitting .315-.418-.500 with 17 home runs. In addition, Kirk has walked more than he’s struck out, with 89 walks to 60 strikeouts.

With his eye and power, Kirk could be a formidable bat against big league pitchers.

Kirk also has solid defense. In his three years in Pro Ball, Kirk has caught 39 percent of base runners, totaling 42 runners caught stealing. He is surprisingly athletic for his build, standing five feet nine inches tall weighing 220 pounds. Kirk is able to move and block baseballs well for his size, however, there is where his problem lies.

The Problems With Kirk

The obvious problem with Kirk comes with his durability. There is concern over whether or not his physique will be able to hold up. There is no doubting Kirk’s athleticism, however, in a 162 game season, there are questions to have. In total, Kirk has played 948 innings at catcher in his pro career. For comparison, Danny Jansen played 852 and two-thirds innings in 2019. So one year in the Big Leagues is approximately 89.9 percent of what Kirk has in total.

One thing I will say is that Kirk is still young and will get more innings under his belt. To get to the Big Leagues and catch, Kirk will have to get into a little better shape.

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