Reaction to the Brooklyn Nets Hiring Steve Nash

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In a shocking move, the Brooklyn Nets hired Steve Nash to be their next head coach after lots of speculation of who their coach will be.

One name in particular that kept coming up was Gregg Popovich because of his relationship with Sean Marks.

As shocking as this move was, it was the right move to make for many reasons.

Kevin Durant and Steve Nash have a great relationship dating back to their time with the Golden State Warriors, and that’s important because a great coach needs to be able to get along with their star players and act more as a leader instead of a boss.

Given Nash’s NBA career, he understands what it’s like to be an NBA star, so he will definitely be able to relate to KD and Kyrie Irving much more than a coach who was never a player.

Something that also looks good on Nash’s part is that he expressed a willingness to work with and understand Irving as the Nets’ point guard and also help refine his gifts rather than taking him away from what he does best.

There are some people that are going to say that Nash was a bold move for a championship contending team, but Nash did hold a very important position as a consultant within the Warriors organization, and many people would also be willing to give the two-time MVP the benefit of the doubt given the fact that he’s always been highly respected as a leader around the league.

Another added benefit to this hire is that the Nets were able to keep Jacque Vaughn on as an assistant head coach. Given how Vaughn showed his capabilities as a head coach in the bubble, he should definitely be more than capable of helping ease Nash’s transition to a head coach.

Brooklyn as a city also just fits his hipster personality, as Nash actually owns a place in Manhattan, so familiarity with the area will not be much of an issue for the Canadian native whatsoever.

All along, what the Nets needed was a coach that can work well with star players instead of one that would force their own system and ideologies down their throat, and that’s what they’ll seemingly be getting in Steve Nash.

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