What Tom Seaver Meant To Baseball and the Mets


Tom Terrific. When you hear that name in Queens New York you think of one man and one man only. The legendary RHP Tom Seaver is exactly who they think of. Yesterday, at the age of 75, MLB and its fans were given the news that Tom Seaver, a Mets legend, passed away. Tom Seaver was the greatest Met, the face of a franchise and an icon to New York. He’s one of the eternal figures in this amazing sport. You cannot tell the story of baseball without the legendary star that will go down as the greatest the Mets ever had.

Turning the Mets Around

Former New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers fans who were heartbroken when their beloved teams left, but they had a team to turn to in the Mets. They had sadly turned to a team that was fresh but was a disaster early on. They had one of the worst seasons ever in 1962. In 1967 though, one man stepped in and changed all of that. NL Rookie of the Year Winner Tom Seaver tossed over 200 innings and had a 2.76 ERA and 3.13 FIP. He was the ace of that staff, and two short years after he led the charge and won it all in the Mets’ first winning season in 1969 against the 109 win Orioles. He won his first Cy Young and finished 2nd in MVP voting.

Being An Icon For Children Across New York

Tom Seaver was a player who embodied what Mets fans wanted their franchise to be. He famously said, “There are only two places in the league, first place and no place”. Tom Terrific was a franchise legend and was what made being a Mets fan fun and cool. Sure the Yankees had the glamour and the allure, but did they have a pitcher as dominant as Tom Seaver to start games for them? He gave Mets fans hope, and he was quite witty and charismatic off the field as well. When a fan was telling Seaver all of his accomplishments, Seaver replied with “Yeah, but you forgot one thing, I’m the only pitcher in the history of the Mets who’s lost a ball game in the World Series.” While nowadays we know that not to be true, at the time it was. It was funny, clever, and showed his light-heartedness.

Tom Seaver was great, but what does he leave behind as a legacy?

Tom Seaver is Most Beloved Baseball Player in Mets History

He leaves behind a legacy unmatched in Mets’ history. When you tell the story of the 1969 Amazin’ Mets you’ll always tell Seaver’s story. He has the highest fWAR, the lowest ERA, the lowest FIP the most strikeouts, the most games started, the most innings, the most complete games, and the most shutouts. You name it, he probably leads in it. He hasn’t been a Met in three decades, however, no Mets’ starter has surpassed him since he played.

Cherish the heroes of your lifetime, but never forget what they meant to you. Never forget what joy they brought. Today may hurt, but never let it cloud the happy joyous memories Tom Seaver brought to you. The Mets, New York, and all of baseball can’t thank you enough Tom Seaver.

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