Sparta Wyoming 3: Barb Ciesnolevicz vs Shayna Cordova


Ciesnolevicz vs Cordova

On September 19th, 2020, Sparta Sports and Entertainment will present Sparta Wyoming 3 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. One of the fights on the card will be a 155-pound boxing bout featuring Barb “The Outlaw Ciesnolevicz vs Shayna Cordova. Let’s take a quick look at each fighter!

Barb Ciesnolevicz

Barb Ciesnolevicz trains and coaches at Cies MMA in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is an experienced MMA fighter that is looking to expand her game by improving her striking abilities. In addition to being a fighter, Barb is also a member of the Air National Guard. Barb made her boxing debut on August 15th against Khortni Kamyron and lost by unanimous decision but looked impressive in the process. Instead of letting the loss get the better of her, Barb is already looking to jump back into another boxing bout against Shayna Cordova.

Barb is a very intelligent fighter with some excellent coaches in Mike Ciesnolevicz and Kareem Braithwaite, so it will be very interesting to see the adjustments she makes after her first boxing fight. In back-to-back fights, Barb will be stepping into the cage against a very experienced striker. Can Barb put it all together and get her first boxing win?

Shayna Cordova

Shayna Cordova used to be a Muay Thai fighter but is looking to transition into a boxing career. In addition to her Muay Thai experience, Shayna is also a firefighter. Being a firefighter is the reason for her change to boxing so that she can keep her legs fresh to fight fires. This is one badass woman, people! Shayna is a skilled Krav Maga practitioner. She trains at Colorado Krav Maga, which also acts as her official sponsor. Shayna has been training at Colorado Krav Maga for over five years and they have built a team around her to help her succeed.

Shayna will be making her boxing debut when she steps into the cage to fight Ciesnolevicz but promises that this will be the first boxing match of many to come. Her last fight was a 145-pound Muay Thai fight back in October of 2018, which she won. Will Shayna be able to pick up the win in her boxing debut?

How To Watch Sparta Wyoming 3

Sparta Wyoming 3 poster. Ciesnolevicz vs Cordova
Poster courtesy of Ashlee Moreno.

Sparta Wyoming 3 will be held at The Outlaw Saloon in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This event will be available to watch in person and on PPV! Tickets and the PPV are both on sale now at Sparta Sports and Entertainment’s website. Be sure to follow Sparta Sports and Entertainment on social media for more Sparta Wyoming 3 announcements!

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