ONE CHAMPIONSHIP| A NEW BREED II: Pongsiri PK.Saenchai Muaythaigym vs Sean Clancy Preview

ONE: A NEW BREED II banners Pongsiri PK.Saenchai Muaythaigym vs Sean Clancy in a ONE Super Series Muay Thai bantamweight clash. Fresh from the thrilling ONE: A NEW BREED, The Home of the Martial Arts pushes its momentum as they continue their trilogy of an event.

The main event will be a fight between two world champions, Sean Clancy will be making his ONE Super Series debut. Clancy makes history, becoming the first Irishman to compete in ONE’s all-striking branch.

Meanwhile, Pongsiri returns in a new weight class and is looking to redeem his stature at the expense of spoiling Sean Clancy’s debut.

Both of the fighters are looking to crack the rankings of the well-stacked Bantamweight Muay Thai division. This division holds the likes of Rodlek, Sangmanee, Kulabdam, and the Champion Nong-o Gaiyanghadao.

Let us take an in-depth analysis at how they match-up!

Sean Clancy

Sean “Clubber” Clancy has come a long way to becoming the fighter he is today. Playing zero sport growing up and only started to train at the age of 21, he has defied the norms of the world of combat sports.

With an immense passion for the sport and a never say quit frame of mind, Sean Clancy had an incredible rise in his career.

The Irishman had his breakout year in 2019. First winning the Muay Thai International Title against Roy Wills, and then dominating Alessandro Sara to become the WBC MuayThai Super lightweight World Champion.

Sean Clancy was awarded the 2019 WBC MuayThai ‘fighter of the year. With his success, he ultimately becomes the nation of Ireland’s first-ever WBC MuayThai world champion. For Sean Clancy, there is no other way to go, he just keeps on moving forward.

Pongsiri PK. Saenchai Muaythaigym

Pongsiri PK. Saenchai Muaythaigym is a veteran in the sport. Starting at a young age of 7, he has amassed over 190 fights. He was a Thailand Champion and a four-time WBC Muay Thai World Champion. Pongsiri also has held belts in the prestigious Lumpinee World Title.

For the 29-year old Pongsiri, this will be his third fight at the ONE Super Series stage. Pongsiri fought his first fight directly challenging Petchmorakot Petchyindee Academy for the ONE Featherweight Muay Thai World Championship.

Pongsiri had a hard time at the featherweight division. He wasn’t able to fight against the length of his opponents. After suffering a pair of tough losses, he now moves down to bantamweight, where he feels he is at his best weight.

Fight Breakdown

This match will be an intense high paced fight. Both fighters’ game style is to move forward, and constantly throw strikes. They don’t like to take a backward step and they’re both very tough.

Keys for Clancy

Although he likes to push forward, Sean Clancy is more of a technical fighter than a volume puncher. He favors throwing straight hands and he tends to set up his strikes by countering and looking for the perfect timing to throw. Fighting at an orthodox stance, he has incredible kicking abilities and he likes to finish his attacks with low kicks.

For Sean Clancy, he must keep his hands tight. Sean Clancy normally fights with his hands wide to deflect the jabs of his opponent. However, this should not be the case for this fight because Pongsiri likes to work the body.

Accuracy and Distance are also key for Clancy. He will be enjoying a 7-centimeter height advantage. Pongsiri has shown difficulty when he faces long opponents. Sean should utilize his accuracy. Throw jabs, throw push kicks, and maintain his distance while effectively throwing strikes.

Keys for Pongsiri

Pongsiri is a very aggressive fighter. He is strong and heavy-handed for a fighter his size. He likes to come forward and never backs down even if he is catching a lot of strikes from his opponent. Pongsiri has countless knockouts on his resume, once he lands clean, he puts his opponents to sleep.

Often a slow starter, Pongsiri habitually begins feeling his opponents up and just build upon his low kicks. When he picks up the momentum and pace, that’s where it gets rough. Body attacks are Pongisiri’s biggest weapons. He loves to throw strikes to the body and suddenly goes upstairs when his opponents are off guard.

Since this is a lighter and smaller division, he must be able to deal with his opposition size and power. For Pongsiri to win, he must overcome Sean Clancy’s length advantage. He must close the distance because Sean Clancy has had trouble when his opponents are pressure fighters. Pongsiri must also start working early. From his previous fights, he stepped on the gas a little too late.

Tune in and watch the fight on September 11.

Here is the Full fight card.


Pongsiri PK.Saenchai Muaythaigym vs. Sean Clancy (ONE Super Series Muay Thai – bantamweight)

Superlek Kiatmoo9 vs. Fahdi Khaled (kickboxing – flyweight)

Supergirl Jaroonsak Muaythai vs. Milagros Lopez (ONE Super Series Muay Thai – catchweight of 53.7 kilograms)

Prach Buapa vs. Brogan Stewart-Ng (mixed martial arts – catchweight 67.5 kg)

Abu Muslim Alikhanov vs. Pascal Jaskiewiez (mixed martial arts – lightweight)

Witchayakorn Niamthanom vs. Khalid Friggini (mixed martial arts – lightweight)

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