7 Inning Double-Headers Have Been Working


On August 1st the MLB officially rolled out the plan to have 7 inning double-headers. This was in order to reduce the number of innings played in one day. With the mass amount of doubleheaders being played, who could blame the MLB for giving this a try? Well, most of us did, because it seemed like a little league rule. So far, it’s worked well, and I have to give MLB props for that. While I don’t want it in a regular 162 game season, this is a concept I think MLB nailed.

Helping Keep Bullpens Fresh

Imagine the workload on these guys who are playing nearly every day. Now add on overtime to their normal day for almost half of those days. While 18 innings of baseball aren’t much different from 14 to most, when you account for potential extra innings, it truly is. The bullpens can rest as a starter who goes five innings now only leaves two for the bullpen. With the sheer amount of injuries this season, this has been crucial for teams. It’s no wonder MLB doesn’t want these guys going out there and tossing unnecessary innings.

The effects aren’t only seen for the bullpen but also for watchability

Less Innings Means Less Time Needed To Watch Games

Look, I love baseball more than most, but we have to admit that having 18 innings of baseball played in one day is really only fun when you’re at the park. You have a grand total of almost six hours of watching TV on your day, and most people aren’t going to watch all both game. They’ll probably watch parts of each game, but with seven-inning doubleheaders, you can actually watch all 14 innings. Think about it, to watch an 18 inning double-header multiple times in a week means you are legitimately spending entire afternoons to watch games, something most people cannot do. Yes, I want normal double-headers back, but because we have so many this year, it’s saved me a ton of time.

7 Inning Double-Headers Are Only a One Year Thing

When I say “have been working,” I don’t want people to think I want this to be the norm. Assuming next year is normal we won’t have so many doubleheaders. Therefore, this means is no longer a need to have seven-inning double-headers. I think for this year however, it’s been marvelous. Yes, I’ll have people disagree with me and that’s fine. What we can’t do is hide the fact that we love baseball, but we also don’t have the time to have our entire lives revolve around watching one team.

Seven inning double-headers have saved us time, saved teams their bullpen, and is holding this crumpled season together.

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