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2020-21 Duke Blue Devils Season Predictions

I will be providing these predictions about the Blue Devils based on the notion that we will get a full season. However, I will, of course, change the predictions if we later find out the season has been compromised in some fashion.

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Also, I will take you through, what I believe will be, the rotation at the beginning and end of the year. We will also predict the top three for the popular stat categories, as well as who I think will finish on the end-of-year ACC Teams.

Let’s start with the rotations. Remember, last year we saw 14 different starting lineups. Consequesntly, I imagine we will see something similar to that this year, especially with the amount of wings on the Blue Devils roster.

Rotation (Beginning of year)

G: Jeremy Roach
G/F: Wendell Moore
F: Jalen Johnson
F: Matthew Hurt
C: Mark Williams


6th: Jordan Goldwire
7th: DJ Steward
8th: Joey Baker
9th: Henry Coleman
10th: Jaemyn Brakefield
11th: Patrick Tapé

While I certainly wouldn’t be shocked if Jordan Goldwire is starting the first game of the season, I see him providing a leadership presence off the bench early in the year. In addition, regarding Joey Baker, we saw him get some spot starts early in the year last year. Unfortunately, his numbers coming off the bench (5.5 PPG & 42.6 FG%) heavily out-played his starting numbers (0.7 PPG & 14.3 FG%).

Rotation (End of year)
G: Jeremy Roach
G: Jordan Goldwire
G/F: Wendell Moore
F: Jalen Johnson
F: Matthew Hurt
6th: Mark Williams
7th: DJ Steward
8th: Henry Coleman
9th: Joey Baker
10th: Jaemyn Brakefield
11th: Patrick Tapé

Goldwire’s leadership and defensive prowess will force him to become a starter later in the year. Thusly, this allows for Steward to be the main scorer off the bench. Also, a big change comes at the 5 spot, where I have Hurt over Williams later in the year. To keep it short, having Hurt be the small-ball 5 opens up an array of possibilities on offense. Duke may be sacrificing on defense with Hurt at the 5, but I do believe Coach K will run with his best 5, and the ones he trusts the most. Finally, I also have Coleman jumping Baker in the rotation, simply by being a paint bruiser and a monster on the boards.

Statistical Top 3 Predictions

Points Per Game:
1. Jalen Johnson – 17.4
2. Wendell Moore – 15.3
3. Matthew Hurt – 14.9

Rebounds Per Game:
1. Mark Williams – 10.2
2. Jalen Johnson – 7.5
3. Matthew Hurt – 7.3

Assists Per Game:
1. Jeremy Roach – 5.1
2. Jalen Johnson – 4.2
3. Wendell Moore – 3.7

Steals Per Game:
1. Jordan Goldwire – 2.1
2. Wendell Moore – 1.5
3. Jeremy Roach – 1.3

Minutes Per Game:
1. Jalen Johnson – 33.2
2. Jordan Goldwire – 30.4
3. Jeremy Roach – 29.7

1. Matthew Hurt – 43%
2. Joey Baker – 39%
3. DJ Steward – 37%

1. Mark Williams – 52%
2. Patrick Tapé – 49%
3. Matthew Hurt – 45%

Team Awards Predictions

DPOY: Jordan Goldwire
ROY: Jalen Johnson
MIP: Matthew Hurt
MVP: Wendell Moore

ACC Awards Predictions

1st Team: Jalen Johnson.

2nd Team: Wendell Moore & Matthew Hurt.

Freshman Team: Jalen Johnson & Jeremy Roach.

Defensive Team: Jordan Goldwire

ROY: Jalen Johnson

Draft Decisions Predictions

Gone: Goldwire, Tapé, Hurt, Moore, Johnson
Back: Baker, Brakefield, Coleman, Roach, Steward, Williams

As of now, I am predicting Roach and Steward to come back. Steward, I feel, is the more likely of the two to go pro if I had to pick one. There’s a reason the Blue Devils topped recruiting point guards from the 2021 class.

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