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World Lethwei Championship Potential Matchups

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It has been months of uncertainty due to the global pandemic, but finally, on August 28th, 2020, World Lethwei Championship returned. A statement was made in their first event since the lockdown began.

In an event named Hideout Battle, we were treated to the first women’s championship fight in WLC history in a battle that saw Souris Manfredi crowned champion.

WLC has wasted little time. This very week announcing that on September 25th, at WLC Showcase we will get to see the Portuguese knockout artist Antonio Faria defend his title against Francisco Jose Vinuelas.

I am going to take a look at two potential match-ups I would like to see made in a future event now that travel restrictions appear to have been relaxed.

Toby Bindon VS Mathias Jonsson

Both of these gentlemen were signed prior to the COVID-19 restrictions. Therefore, their long-awaited debuts have been put on hold. However, no opponents have been named for their debuts if like to see these men go at it in a WLC ring.

Both these men have successful Muay Thai backgrounds. Tith Toby Bindon being a WBC Champion with an 80% knock out rate, making him a perfect candidate for the world of Lethwei. Mathias Jonsson is the first Swedish fighter to join WLC, and as a 4 time Swedish Muay Thai champion, the man with 35 registered wins, will look to light up the Lethwei World.

With two top quality athletes, this fight would be an absolute war and the, only winner I can predict here is the fans of WLC. Both of these fighters have a high-pressure style of fighting, with top-level technique. This would be a bloody war, and a fan favorite would for sure leave this fight a victor.

Artur Saladiak VS Sasha Moisa

For my second fight, I’m going with a title fight rematch. It is between two superstars of Lethwei. We have former Light Middleweight champion Artur Saladiak. Getting an immediate rematch against the man who beat him current champ Sasha Moisa.

With 59 wins between them, both these men are familiar with winning. However, it’s the differential styles that make this fight so appealing. Moisa is known for his highly technical style of fighting. He is willing to pick his opponent apart, piece by piece waiting for the opportunity to finish. With Saladiak we have a more traditional Lethwei style of fighter. Who is willing to stand and go to war every single time constantly pressuring his opponent forcing them into mistakes.

Redemption is the main reason for me wanting to see this fight. Saladiak was the first non-Myanmar born fighter to win a WLC championship. It could be argued that by traditional Lethwei rules as Saladiak lost on points it would have been declared a draw, and of course, he would still be champion. However, this was not the case as the WLC rules now allow a victory by points. Therefore, Moisa was declared the winner.

The old school traditional Lethwei fan in me wants to see a finish to declare the winner of this fight. In turn, a rematch and the opportunity to see this would be a dream come true. One thing is for sure whether it be another clinical technical display by Moisa or an in your face high-pressure KO by Saladiak. The fans are in for an absolute war here.

Tell me below what you think of my choices do you agree? Or do you have your own favourite potential match ups.


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